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RC4PHP (Raul's Classes for PHP) paging

MSSQL paging

NOTE: Be sure to give to the SQL user, rights to create & execute stored proceedures!

First of all, in order to get pagination support implemented, This class will
calculate the total number of rows returned by the SQL query.  This is done by 
the _getTOTALRows() method. 

Instead of running the query and obtaining the number of rows from 
mssql_num_rows(), I use the following method: 

FROM (yourQuery) AS ___qry___". 

After this I'll use the _getSQLQueryString() method which modifies the SQL 
querry in the following way:
	1. Calculates the md5 hash of the SQL command.
	2. Checks if a stored procedure with name "RC4PHPpagination_" followed by
	   the md5 hash calculated on step 1 exists. If not, then it is created based
	   on your query. 
	3. Then, using the sp_cursoropen, sp_cursorfetch and sp_cursorclose system 
	   procedures, only the required rows are fetched and sent to the client 
           from the stored procedure call.

MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite paging
The paging is made by using LIMIT.
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