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How to install:

 - edit config.php and set your own settings
 - upload all files and folders
 - CHMOD all of the .txt files to 777
 - CHMOD the 'storage' folder to 777
 - CHMOD the 'files' folder to 777
 - Edit ads.php , bottomads.php and squareads.php according to your needs
 - You're done! Enjoy your new file host!

Please Donate To Support The Project. We Do Not Charge Anything For The Script So Please Do It To Support Us.

How to customize:

 - to edit the page layout, modify the header and 
   footer files
 - to edit the main page, faq, and tos, edit the 
   page in the pages folder

For Any Type Of Support Please Visit Our Forum minifilehost.co.nr (http://www.minifilehost.co.nr/)

Feel free to use this script in any way you'd like.
Go ahead and modify and customize it however you see
fit. Please Leave The Copyright Intact. 
I'd appreciate it. :)
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