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<title>Manual ----- Random Password generator </title>
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<p class="style4"><strong> Random Password generator &lt;gobinathm at gmail dot com&gt; </strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p class="style4"> The class helps you to generator a random password of any lenght.<br />
  <br />

  Here is the Example create by implementing the class.. </p>
   <li class="style4">&lt;?PHP</li>
   <li class="style4"> include_once(&quot;rndPass.class.php&quot;);</li>
   <li class="style4"> $pass=new rndPass(10);</li>
   <li class="style4"> $tmppass=$pass-&gt;PassGen();</li>
   <li class="style4"> echo $tmppass;</li>
   <li class="style4"> ?&gt;</li>
 <p>   <strong> </strong><span class="style4"><strong>   Line 2 :</strong> Includes the  class to this script 
  <strong><br />
  Line 3 :</strong> Create an object and pass the lenght of the password as Parameter<strong><br />
   Line 4 :</strong> Call the Password generation function and assign the generatored password to a Temparary variable <strong><br />
   Line 5 :</strong> Display the value <strong><br />
 <p class="style4">&nbsp; </p>
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