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Thank you for downloading Quick Contact


+ 1 Name Field

+ 1 Email Field

+ 1 Message Field

+ 1 Captcha to protect from spammers

+ Check fields / validate senders email. ( to make sure fields are filled in proper)

+ send to 1 email account put in the config


You will also need to place a copy of the “Monofont” font in the same directory as the CaptchaSecurityImages.php file. 
(Alternatively you can replace the line var $font = ‘monofont.ttf’; with the name of whatever font you want to use)

You can easily integrate this script to your site :)

if you want to use your own thank you page  

look for 
header('Location: contact.php?id=sent'); // this tells the script to display the thank you message with the ?id=sent on the same page just change contact.php to your file name.

and delete that line and on the following line delete the  // at the front

// header('Location: thankyou.html'); // this code is if you have a thank you page you would like the script to redirect to.

so it looks like 

header('Location: thankyou.html'); 

at the top of the script you can input your email so that you can start getting emails from your site!

please report any bugs :)
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