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To use this class in another language, open "texts.language.php" and
translate all strings in your own language. When you have translated
them off, save this new file into "texts.<your country>.php"
(Use your country domain instead of "<your country>".)

Spain       : texts.es.php
Netherlands : texts.nl.php
Italy       : texts.it.php

Put this language file with the qcm file in the same directory and set
the "language" key in your QCM file with your country (ie: language=it)
If the key/value "language" is missing or commented in the header,
french texts will be used. Same thing if a language have been defined
and the language file is missing in the directory.

The texts considered as reference are the texts in the class itself or
the texts in the file "texts.language.php" (french and english) because
I depend on the translation into unknown language for me.

Thank you to send me (hide@address.com) your translation.
I will put it on the website available for download to everyone.

You will be kind to send me the URL where the QCM Class is in use.
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