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Installation instructions:
 1. Install PunBB on the server (example: "www.example.com/punbb/").
 2. Install mods (PunPoll, PrivateMessageSystem) if you want them converted. *
 3. Create a subdirectory in the PunBB-directory (example name: "converter").
 4. Put all files from the converter zipfile in that directory.
 5. Go to the converter page ("www.example.com/punbb/converter/").
 6. If your forum isn't located at the same forum as PunBB, choose "Different host/user".
 7. Choose which forum software you want to convert from.
 8. Enter prefix and such information in the other fields/lists. **
 9. Press 'Start converter'.
10. When the converter is done, add/remove admins and moderators.
11. Remove the converter files.
12. Done! You're now ready yo use PunBB!

  * May not be supported by all converters.

 ** If you don't know your forums database/prefix-settings,
    you'll probably find it in the config-file.

    If you find a bug, or have any problems with
    the converter, please send me an email:
     - hide@address.com

    If you want to, please add your forum to PunBBig:
     - http://punbbig.shacknet.nu/
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