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function PS_begin_page(file, page)
=> New Page

function PS_close(file)
=> Close PS File

function PS_end_page(file)
=> Ends a page

function PS_line(file, xcoord_from, ycoord_from, xcoord_to, ycoord_to, linewidth)
=> draws a line

function PS_moveto(file, xcoord, ycoord)
=> move to position

function PS_moveto_font(file, xcoord, ycoord, font_name, font_size)
=> moveto position, changing the font

function PS_open(file, author, title, orientation)
=> Starts a new PS file

function PS_open_ps(file, ps_file)
=> Inserts a PS file/image (remember to delete the information in the top of the file (source))

function PS_rect(file, xcoord_from, ycoord_from, xcoord_to, ycoord_to, linewidth)
=> draws a rectangle

function PS_rect_fill(file, xcoord_from, ycoord_from, xcoord_to, ycoord_to, linewidth, darkness)
=> draws a rectangle, filling it

function PS_rotate(file, degrees)
=> set rotation, use 0 or 360 to end rotation 

function PS_set_font(file, font_name, font_size)
=> changes the font

function PS_show(file, text)
=> show a text at the current position (use PS_moveto to set position)

function PS_show_eval(file, text)
=> shows a text, evaluating the text (vars...)

function PS_show_xy(file, text, xcoord, ycoord)
=> show a text at the position x,y

function PS_show_xy_font(file, text, xcoord, ycoord, font_name, font_size)
=> shows a text at the x,y with the font especified by font_name and font_size
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