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Propagator - (c) 2009 Denis Sureau - Scriptol.com 

__________ License _________

GPL 3.0

__________ Purpose_________

Copy/Update/Delete a part of a web page on all the pages of a website.
Works locally on a copy of the site.

The part to copy may be any HTML tag possibly with other embedded tags,
providing it has an ID attribute.

<div id="demo">
		<script> .... </script>

May be used to copy or update Analytics and similar codes.

__________ Syntax_________

  solp propag id sourcefile
  php propag.php id sourcefile

__________  More infos_________

Go to the script's page on:  http://www.scriptol.com/scripts/ 

See also the PHP FTP Synchronizer to update a site from a local copy.
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