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z-process.php - image resizing and page creation library.

Herman Gomez - Jan, 4th. 2008 - hide@address.com


This library takes a list of the local images (.GIF, .JPG or .JPEG) (case insensitive)
and creates a new version reduced approximately 128 x 72 pixels. These little images 
are perfect for web pages with a bunch of images, like an album.

The library also creates a web page with the standard links to show the local images 
(in their original size) in a new browser window.

This library can be easily extended to more graphic formats.
Also you can change easily the format of the web page (the one implemented it's very 
specific to my needs).

z-process.php 				- the main library
z-process-all.php 			- reduces images and creates the web page
z-process-only-images.php	- only reduces the images. no page is created.
z-process-only-page.php		- only web page is created. no image is reduced.

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