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Preditor vs. 0.5
Rick Hopkins
Last Modified: 10/22/2002

1) First download the logo from http://www.sottc.com/preditor_logo.gif
2) Place the logo into a directory called "graphics".
3) Set the default directory path you wish in function preditor_class()
   (Currently Set To upload/)
4) Create tmp/ directory (Look at example directory setup
the graphics folder is used to store the logo.
the upload folder is used by preditor to store files that you are copying 
    or have finished editing
the tmp folder is used by preditor to temporarily store the files you are
    currently working on, they are deleted once copying or editing is 
if you decide not to create a folder called upload then set the default
    directory path in the function preditor_class() of the
    preditor_class.php file to whatever directory you would like, just so
    long as the program as somewhere to send the finished or copied files

Hey this is Rick Hopkins. I wrote the preditor class file. Sorry about the
misunderstanding on directory setup. Let me clarify.
Setup a folder called preditor. Under that put:
a folder for graphics called graphics,
a folder for uploads called upload,
a folder for tmp files called tmp,
the file preditor_class.php,
the file index.php

under the graphics folder place the preditor logo graphic which can
be obtained at http://www.sottc.com/preditor_logo.gif

That is how it should be set up. Any more questions let me know.
I love feedback, good or bad.
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