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PPC Directory for SEO masters

The script creates your own directory with thousands of SE-optimized pages and paid links.
To use the script you MUST have sites with high Page Rank and SEO-experience.


- PHP 4, Zend Optimizer 2.0.0



1. Edit your settings in settings.php.
2. Upload the files index.php and goto.php in Binary mode.
Attention! Some FTP-clients like CuteFTP will try to upload php-files in ASCII mode automatically.
You need to set Binary mode manually.
3. Upload all other files in ASCII mode.
4. Create subdirectory "content" and chmod to 777.
5. Create an affiliate account - http://ehho.net/affiliates.html and wait for approval.
6. Click all links on the index page to generate subcategories.



Q. I see blank index page, or some strange text.
A. You need to upload index.php and goto.php in Binary mode (not ASCII).

Q. I see error message on the index page.
A. Your server has no Zend Optimizer. You need to use another server.

Q. Index page is OK but the page with search results is blank.
A. You need set your affiliate id in settings.php and wait for approval.


How you can advertise PPC Directory:

1. Search engines. Just plase the links to Directory on your sites with high Page Rank.
Directory will be indexed and you can get ~$1-100 per day.

2. Place search form on your sites.

3. Place direct links to search results on your sites.
It will bring to you some searches and clicks from your sites and high traffic from search engines latter.

- Link text and keyword must be the same
- Keyword must be relative to content of your page

All other advertisment methods are prohibited and will not be paid!


Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions hide@address.com

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