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automatically create category if it doesn't exist. new option to allow this feature?
Add setting for category detection. I.e. checkboxes for [], -- and : styles. Default to all on.
Add setting to not remove category text from subject/title
Comment not being created when subject contains category command []. I.e. listserv subject lines
date: tag is being detected in body when not wanted
Update tag_* and filter_* to handle HTML (per tag_Tags)
dynamically determine video size (height/width) - https://code.google.com/p/phpvideotoolkit/
gallery logic does not handle both images and non-images

standardize tags

Postie 2.0

setting to turn off individual tags
plugin mechanism to add new tags (and define "built-in ones")
fix postie settings	http://alisothegeek.com/2011/01/wordpress-settings-api-tutorial-1/
Make sure all failures are sent to admin (option?) failed attachments, etc.
Option to send logs to support
Enhance #img# to specify the featured image
"yoast" style admin sidebar - see clicky by yoast
replace native imap MIME parser with flourish - http://flourishlib.com/docs/fMailbox
provide a location for custom icons. update docs about location.
handle condition where only one of text/plain & text/html is supplied, but Preferred Text Type is set to the opposite.
change all Postie command to use a more consistent and easy to parse syntax
  commands with multiple data
    #custom name="field name" data="field value"  custom#

  commands with single data
    #img the caption img#
    #tags one, two, three tags#
    #cat one, two, three cat#
    #date tomorrow date#
    #excerpt the excerpt excerpt#
    #post-type custom post type post-type#
    #post-format image post-format#
    #subject title subject#
    #delay 1 day delay#
    #content the post content# - replacement for :start/:end

  tag w/o data
    @more (new)
    @comments-open, @comments-closed, @comments-registeredonly
    @status-draft, @status-publish, @status-pending, @status-private
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