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== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Postie won't connect to my mailserver. Why Not? =

Make sure the port you are using is open. For example, bluehost seems to block
ports 993 and 995 (for pop3-ssl and imap-ssl) by default. I have heard that
you can request that they open them for you ( you might have to pay extra). 

You can check for open ports with the following command on your server:
`netstat -ln|grep -E ':::(993|995|143)'`

If nothing shows up, then the ports are not open.

= How can I get postie to display inline images? =

Make sure that you send e-mail formatted as html (richtext), and set postie to
prefer html messages (in the message tab of the postie settings)

= Mail is not showing up right when I send html (rich formatted) e-mail! =

Make sure you set the preferred text type to html

= Do I need to any code to my theme for postie to work? =


= I read somewhere to add an iframe to my footer. Should I do this? =

No. Do not add an iframe in your footer to get postie to check mail
periodically. To check e-mail periodically, either set-up a cron job, or use
cronless postie. See installation instructions

= My mail host requires SSL, but postie will not allow me to select pop3-ssl or imap-ssl =

You must have php-imap installed on your server for this to work. Ask your
hosting provider about this.

= Can I use postie to check a gmail account? =

Yes. You can use either pop3-ssl or imap-ssl with a gmail account (including Google Apps). Before
attempting to use with postie, make sure that you enable pop or imap in your
gmail preferences.

* Pop3 settings:
    * protocol - pop3-ssl
    * Use Transport Layer Security - no
    * server - pop.gmail.com
    * port - 995
    * userid - your full email address
    * password - your password 
* IMAP settings:
    * protocol - imap-ssl
    * Use Transport Layer Security - no
    * server - imap.gmail.com
    * port - 993
    * userid - your full email address
    * password - your password 

= Can I use postie with GoDaddy hosting? =

Yes, but you must use an email set up using the GoDaddy email service and the following settings:

* protocol - pop3
* Use Transport Layer Security - no
* server - pop.secureserver.net
* port - 110
* userid - hide@address.com
* password - your password 

GoDaddy hosting does not allow you to connect to non-GoDaddy mail servers like Gmail.

= My posts show up as being posted by 'admin' instead of me. Why? =

If your admin account is linked to hide@address.com, and you send mail from
hide@address.com, it will show up as being posted by admin. If you have a
wordpress user named "John Doe", which is linked to hide@address.com, make
sure that you send e-mails from hide@address.com It doesn't matter which
e-mail address postie is checking. That is, if you send mail from
hide@address.com to hide@address.com, it gets posted as "John Doe". 

If you send an e-mail to your postie address from an e-mail address that is no
t linked to a wordpress user, it will get posted as admin.

= Images aren't showing up at all? =

There are a couple possible reasons for this. First, check to see if you can
add an image through wordpress's normal posting mechanism. If not, then there
is probably 1 or 2 problems:
1. Your server does not have the php-gd library installed. Ask your hosting
provider about this.

2. Your wp-content/uploads directory is not writable by the webserver. Make
sure that it is

= Can I delete the wp-files directory needed by postie version <1.3.0? =

If you have posts published already by older versions of postie, getting rid
of those directories will delete any files you might have had associated with
those old posts. If you don't have any such posts, then you can safely delete

= How can I get rid of stupid stuff my e-mail provider adds to my messages? =

To strip off stuff that they add at the beginning of a message, start your
post with :start

To strip off stuff that they add at the end of a message, end your
post with :end

= How can I add custom attachment icons? =

Simply upload the icons you want to the postie/icons/custom directory. You
must name the icons according to the following scheme:


For example, for word documents, you could use:


for a 32x32 pixel icon. (You can actually create any size icon you want, but
if you name it 32, then it will only be used if you select to use size 32

See the other directories in icons for more examples.

Currently the following filetypes are supported:

* doc - microsoft word (including docx)
* ppt - microsoft powerpoint (including pptx)
* xls - microsoft excel (including xlsx)
* numbers - iWork numbres spreadsheet
* pages - iWork pages document
* key - iWork keynote presentation
* pdf - portable document format
* rtf - rich text format
* txt - plain text document

= Can I add special text to the body of the post when using postie? =

Yes. You can create your own function, and use the postie_post filter.
Two short examples are included in the filterPostie.php.sample file

= Can I add special text to the title of the post when using postie? =

Yes. You can create your own function, and use the postie_post filter.
Two short examples are included in the filterPostie.php.sample file

= Can I select tags or categories based on the content of the e-mail? =

Yes. You can create your own function, and use the postie_post filter.
See the filterPostie.php.sample file for examples.

= Is the IMAP extension required for postie? =

The IMAP extension is not required, but it is strongly recommended, especially
is you are using non-English text. There is more information on php.net about
installing the IMAP extension. If you have control over your server, it is
often not hard to install. 

On Ubuntu, try
`sudo apt-get install php5-imap`

On Fedora, try
`sudo yuminstall php-imap`

The IMAP extension is known to be installed on the following popular webhosts:
* Dreamhost

= How can I embed youtube or vimeo videos? =

Simply put the url in the body of your e-mail. (Make sure that you have the
option to convert url into links turned on)

= Something is going wrong, how do I see what is happening? = 

Add the following lines to your wp-config.php file
`define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
define('POSTIE_DEBUG', true);`

Various errors, warning and informational will be written to the wp-content\debug.log
file. There may also be all sorts of warnings and messages in your site as well
depending on how well behaved your other plugins and themes are, so you will not
want to leave these settings set to true all the time.

= Why doesn't Postie automatically publish my emails when running manually works =

WordPress cron (which Postie relies on) doesn't run unless a page is accessed on the 
site. So if you send an email, but nobody accesses the site for 3 days Postie won't 
be given the chance to fetch the email and publish the post.

To ensure that Postie runs smoothly on a low or no volume site you need to ensure that 
a page gets hit (any page is fine). Use something like cron + curl on Linux or install 
curl on Windows and use the Scheduled Tasks control panel. If you are using a hosting company
that doesn't allow you access to cron you can use a service like 
<a href="https://www.setcronjob.com/" target="_blank">SetCronJob</a>.

It is also possible to turn the WordPress cron off. Please make sure something like
`define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);` is not in your wp-config.php file.
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