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== Upgrade Notice ==

= 1.5.3 =
* Postie can now set the first image in an email to be the "Featured" image. There is a new setting "Use First Image as Featured Image" which is off by default.
* Postie now supports Use Transport Layer Security (TLS)

= 1.5.0 =
* New filter postie_filter_email. Used to map "from" to any other email. Allows custom user mapping.

= 1.4.41 =
Post format is now supported. You can specify any of the WordPress supported post formats using the Post type syntax.
Post status can now be specified using the status: tag.
Post status setting was renamed to Default Post Status and moved to the Message tab.

= 1.4.18 =
Many method names have been changed. Any custom filters may need to be updated.

= 1.4.10 =
All script, style and body tags are stripped from html emails.

= 1.4.6 =
Attachments are now processed in the order they were attached.

= 1.5.12 (2013.06.08) =
* Added full paths to includes in config_form due to some hosts having include_path set in a way that breaks Postie.
* Added some checks for emails that aren't correctly formatted (AirMail/WinLink)
* Consolidated environmental checks
* Added logic for Debian location of wp-config.php

= 1.5.11 (2013.06.02) =
* Moved test files out of main repository to decrease plugin size
* Fixed issue with readme file (Wordpress readme validator moved)

= 1.5.10 (2013.05.31) =
* Added template field descriptions to image tab.
* Fixed a bug where caption placeholder in templates wasn't being properly set.
* Additional test to see if wp-config.php can be found.

= 1.5.9 (2013.05.18) =
* Fixed a bug where valid users can post via email even though they don't have role permissions.
* Fixed a bug where nice_name was being used in the settings screen even though user_login was needed.
* Fixed the error message when the default poster is not valid.
* Fixed bug where gallery short tag was getting set when non-image attachments were found.

= 1.5.8 (2013.05.14) =
* Added additional default signature patterns.
* Fixed a bug where attachments were not showing up if :start or :end were used.

= 1.5.7 (2013.05.09) =
* Fixed bug where the admin user was not getting set as author in some cases.
* Fixed bug where file names were not being sanitized.
* Added setting to disable thumbnail generation.
* Updated the default signature patterns and help text.

= 1.5.6 (2013-05-07) =
* Fixed bug where default post format was empty when the theme didn't support any formats.
* Removed all hard coded references to wp-content.
* Fixed bug where caption wasn't being filled out in templates.
* Updated direct DB access to use standard methods.
* Added attachment template for non-audio/image/video attachments.
* Added additional checks to the test screen.
* Added new template variable {ICON}

= 1.5.5 (2013.05.02) =
* Added ability to run a manual check with debugging output.
* Added support for default post type.
* Added version number to settings page.
* Changed Admin User to Default Poster, clarified help text and changed input to combo box of valid values.
* Fixed bug where commas (,) were not allowed in signature detection.
* Fixed some CSS issues on admin page.

= 1.5.4 (2013.05.01) =
* Added support for default post format
* Fixed bug where replies were getting attached to the wrong post
* Fixed bug where tags were not being detected correctly in html emails
* Fixed bug in reply detection

= 1.5.3 (2013.04.13) =
* Added support for Featured Images
* Added support for Use Transport Layer Security (TLS)
* Updated postie_filter_email filter to get unprocessed email address

= 1.5.2 (2013.04.12) =
* Fixed bug in post type/format detection when no valid post type/format was found
* Workaround for WP bug when POP3 account has no waiting messages
* Fixed bug where cron was running postie_check on every page load

= 1.5.1 (2013.04.10) =
* Turned on POP3 debug logging if POSTIE_DEBUG is TRUE.
* Disable autocomplete on some setup fields
* Fixed bug where confirmation emails were not being sent to authors
* Fixed bug where post were not saved if the default admin user didn't exist and the from user was not a WordPress user

= 1.5.0 (2013.04.05) =
* Apply Postie Time Correction to date: command
* Add support for Post Formats
* Add support for Post Status
* Add warning if Admin username is invalid
* Fixed bug where date: was not always being detected in html emails
* Improved handling of attachments and mapping to file extensions for template selection
* Video templates now include scale="tofit"
* Add support for older png mime type
* New filter postie_filter_email. Used to map "from" to any other email. Allows custom user mapping.

= 1.4.40 (2013.03.18) =
* Fixed bug where categories specified by ID were not being correctly identified

= 1.4.39 (2013.03.14) =
* Fixed bug where Postie supplied schedules were not always being correctly added to the cron

= 1.4.38 (2013.03.12) =
* Improved POP3 configuration test
* Fixed bug where :start and :end were removing commands like tags: and date: before they got a chance to be processed

= 1.4.37 (2013.03.11) =
* Fixed bug in tag handling
* Fixed bug in category detection
* Worked around a bug in WordPress that was mangling filenames that are not in ASCII, i.e. Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc.

= 1.4.36 (2013.03.07) =
* Removed some debugging code from filters and hooks
* Fixed bug where the date command was being ignored
* Added 'quicktime' as a default type for the video1 template

= 1.4.35 (2013.02.22) =
* Consolidated logic for load configuration settings. Fixes bug where new settings were not having their defaults set properly.
* Fixed bug where attachment file name was not being correctly detected.

= 1.4.34 (2013.02.07) =
* Fixed bug in new category logic

= 1.4.33 (2013.02.05) =
* Fixed bug where non-category taxonomy was being selected as the post category.
* Added option to force categories to match exactly.
* Added logic to skip text attachments named "ATT00001.txt" where the numbers can be any sequence. This
  improves the previous fix by detecting all attachments added, not just the first one.

= 1.4.32 (2013.01.29) =
* Fixed bug in detecting need for imap extension.
* Added additional selections for "Maximum number of emails to process"
* Added logic to skip text attachments named "ATT00001.txt" which are added by MS Exchange virus scanning.
* Added option to check for email every 5 minutes.

= 1.4.31 (2013.01.25) =
* Enhanced category detection to be compatible with Polylang plugin.
* Enhanced prerequisite detection.
* Now using wp_mail() instead of mail()
* WordPress 3.5.1 compatibility

= 1.4.30 (2013.01.22) =
* Fixed bug that caused activation to fail or show a blank page.
* Fixed bug where WP media upload rejects a file.
* Added a check for mbstring.
* Fixed bug when attachment names were only supplied via d_parameters.

= 1.4.29 (2013.01.19) =
* Fixed bug where manually running Postie worked, but calling get_mail.php directly did not.

= 1.4.28 (2013.01.18) =
* Fixed bug in "reset settings to default" where the protocol wasn't being retained.
* More cleanup and clarification on settings screen.
* Fixed bug where excerpts weren't getting set if "Filter newlines" was set to "Yes"
* Removed logic to increase memory size.

= 1.4.27 (2013.01.17) =
* Updated sample plugin for extending Postie.
* Updated documentation for template variables.
* Fixed a bug where text/plain attachments were not being treated as attachments.
* Look for and include filterPostie.php in wp-content if it exists. (used for custom filters so they don't get deleted on upgrades)
* Cleanup of settings screen layout.
* Added additional error logging for mail connections.

= 1.4.26 (2013.01.15) =
* Fixed a bug where signatures were not removed in html emails.
* Added support for text attachments such as text/calendar.

= 1.4.25 (2013.01.15) =
* Fixed a bug where newlines were being removed erroneously.

= 1.4.24 (2013.01.13) =
* Fixed a bug where the original attachment name wasn't being used.
* Fixed a bug where the #eimg# tags in the excerpt were not getting expanded.

= 1.4.23 (2013.01.10) =
* Fixed a bug with embedded CID referenced images.

= 1.4.22 (2013.01.10) =
* Fixed a bug where the subject was not being properly decoded when Q-encoding was used.
* Fixed a bug in #img# caption detection.
* Fixed a bug where the tag command was picking up too much text.
* Enhanced the date command to allow times as well.

= 1.4.21 (2013.01.09) =
* Removed all Call-time pass-by-references to support PHP 5.4

= 1.4.20 (2013.01.08) =
* Added Date feature. You can now specify a specific publication date.
* Fixed a bug with embeded youtube/vimeo links when shortcodes are turned off

= 1.4.19 (2013.01.07) =
* Fixed a bug that prevented the settings from being saved

= 1.4.18 (2013.01.06) =
* Fixed a bug where linkifying was doing too much.
* Updated lots of method names in preparation for some significant structural changes.

= 1.4.17 (2013.01.03) =
* Fixed a bug where non image/video attachments were not getting added to the post.

= 1.4.16 (2013.01.03) =
* Fixed a bug where an extra div tag was getting added.
* Fixed a bug when linkifying URLs.
* Fixed a bug where inline images were not being detected.

= 1.4.15 (2013.01.02) =
* Fixed a bug when a category is specified with [] and a colon (:) is in the subject, but not specifying a category

= 1.4.14 (2012.12.29) =
* Fixed a bug where attached images were not being detected properly causing a "File is empty. Please upload something more substantial." error
* Tweaked some CSS.

= 1.4.13 (2012.12.26) =
* Fixed bug that was truncating content at the first html encoded character. 

= 1.4.12 (2012.12.17) =
* Added feature to limit the number of emails processed
* Fixed bug where #img# was not processing the caption correctly

= 1.4.11.(2012.12.14) =
* Fixed bug where having a colon in the subject caused the subject to get truncated
* Added donation link to admin screen
* Fixed bug where #img# captions with double-byte characters were not working
* Fixed bug where default settings were corrupt
* Fixed several bugs in tag detection logic
* Fixed bug where non-base64 and non-quoted-printable sections were not converted to utf-8
* Fixed bug where the end filter wasn't removed from the post
* Add additional logging to attachment upload process
* Changes to support WP 3.5

= 1.4.10 (2012.12.11) =
* Fixed warning when there is no subject
* Removed all script and style tags from HTML content in place of XSS warning
* Removed XSS warning
* Fixed bug where post type was not being detected if only case is different
* Fixed bug with custom post type and leading spaces in the subject
* Fixed bug where custom fields were not being populated for images

= 1.4.9 (2012.12.10) =
* Fixed bug where date, author, etc didn't get set.
* Fixed bug where Postie was treating attached images as strings
* Fixed bug where inline images were not being attached correctly
* Fixed bug where the subject was not being decoded correctly if the charset was different from the system charset
* Fixed bug where base64 strings were being double decoded.

= 1.4.8 (2012.12.09) =
* Fixed collisions with simple_html_dom
* Fixed bug when trying to get file name from MIME part
* Fixed bug causing Cannot modify header information warning 

= 1.4.7 (2012.12.07) =
* Fixed bug in cron setup that was preventing Weekly, twice an hour and every ten minute schedules from running.

= 1.4.6 (2012.12.06) =
* Changed XSS check to only emit warning until a better solution can be developed
* Fixed bug where authorized addresses were being checked with case sensitive rather than insensitive.
* Started using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser http://simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net/
* Started process of logging all error messages to the log as well as the page (where appropriate)
* Fixed bug where "Preferred Text Type" was not displaying the saved value in settings page.
* Fixed bug where Postie was wiping out all other cron schedules.
* Fixed a number of missing internationalization strings (no translations added however)
* Added documentation for the comments: command
* Added feature to specify a custom post type in the subject line. Thanks to Raam Dev http://raamdev.com for his code.
* Removed a number of deprecated WordPress functions.
* Fixed numerous warning messages
* Added phpUnit tests
* Allow wp-config.php to be in alternate location as described here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress#Securing_wp-config.php
* Fixed a bug that didn't replace the #img# tags correctly.

= 1.4.5 (2012.11.14) =
* Fixed bug in XSS attack vulnerability code. Thanks to R Reid http://blog.strictly-software.com/2012/03/fixing-postie-plugin-for-wordpress-to.html
* Fixed bug where emails with multiple categories has the incorrect title
* Fixed bugs where PHP setting were not being changed correctly - thanks to Peter Chester http://tri.be/author/peter/
* New maintainer

= 1.4.4 (2012.08.10) =
* Fixed possible XSS attack vulnerability 

= 1.4.3 =
* Removed get_user_by function to make compatible with wp 3.3 - now requires

= 1.4.2 (2011.01.29) =
* Fixed mailto link bug (thanks to Jason McNeil) 
* Fixed bug with attachments with non-ascii characters in filename (thanks to
* checking for socket errors when checking mail (thanks elysian)
* fixed issue with multiple files not being inserted correctly
* Added support for ISO 8859-15 (thanks paolog)
* fixed sql injection problem (thanks Jose P. Espinal for pointing it out)
* Fixed namespace clashing for get_config function

= 1.4.1 (2010.06.18) =
* Images appear in correct order when using images append = false
* Fixed formatting problem with wordpress_default image template
* Captions now correctly work with wordpress >3.0 and <3.0
* Fixed auto_gallery feature
* Default port is now 110
* Added more configuration tests
* Added background color to settings page to make input boxes more visible
* Removed extra quote character in captions from #img# placeholders (thanks
  SteelD for pointing out the error)
* Added support for big5 and gb-1232 encodings (thanks Chow)
* Fixed issue with configurations items stored as arrays, which caused
  problems with validating authorized addresses
* Fixed bug with replaceImageCIDs function
* On hosts which allow it, we set max execution time to 300 seconds and
  memory_limit to infinity to allow processing of large e-mails (especially
  with large attachments)
* Images are sorted in order of filename before inserting into post

= 1.4 (2010.04.25) =  
* Now using wordpress settings api (thanks for much help from Andrew S)
* Cronless postie is now integrated with postie instead of a separate plugin
* filterPostie.php moved to filterPostie.php.sample
* Can use fetchmails.php to fetch mail from multiple mailboxes
* Fixed problem with embedding youtube videos from html (richtext) e-mail
* Added support for embedding vimeo vidoes
* Fixed problem with selecting "none" as icon set for attachments (thanks
* Fixed problems with cronless postie settings
* Fixed bug with embedding youtube and vimeo videos whose ID contains a -
  (thanks Jim Kehoe)
* Post_author is now included with attachments
* fixed confirmation_email settings so that now you can select between sender,
  admin, both, or none (thanks to redsalmon for pointing out bug)
* Added option to automatically insert galleries
* Updated FAQ and readme

= 1.3.4 (2009.10.05) =
* Fixed problem with images not posting under cron
* Fixed issue with disappearing password

= 1.3.3 (2009.09.11) =
* Fixed problem with double titles
* Fixed error in wp-mu
* Cronless postie now correctly updates when changing the setting in the
  postie settings
* Small fix in handling of names of attachments (thanks to Teejot)
* Fixed delay option (thanks to redbrandonk)
* Cronless option value is now correctly deleted when deactivating the
  cronless postie plugin

= 1.3.2 (2009.08.27) =
* tags are now always an array, even if no default tags are set 
* Subject is showing up again if you do not have the IMAP extension
* More information on the IMAP extension and more user-friendly
* Fixed problems with smtp server settings in 1.3.1
* Added russian translation (thanks to fatcow.com)

= 1.3.1 (2009.08.24) =
  * Changed GetContent filter to postie_post
  * Added database upgrade hook on activation
  * Fixed bug where content would be empty if trying to remove signature,
    and signature list was emtpy
  * Updated FAQ and readme

= 1.3.0 (2009.08.14) =
  * Features
      * Added mpeg4 to default list of videotypes
      * Added support for KOI8-R character set (cyrillic)
      * Added support for iso-8859-2 character set (eastern european)
      * Added option to include custom icons for attachments
      * Added option to send confirmation message to sender
      * Enhanced e-mails for unauthorized users
      * Added option to send unauthorized e-mail back to sender
      * Added option to only allow e-mails from a specified list of smtp
      * Added option to use shortcode for embedding videos (works with the
        videos plugin http://www.daburna.de/download/videos-plugin.zip
      * Better handling of comment authors (thanks to Petter for suggestion)
      * Simplified message options (now includes an advanced options section)
      * Added filter ability for post content
  * Bug fixes
      * No longer including wp-config.php
      * If tmpdir is not writable, try a different tmpdir
      * More subject encoding fixes
      * Updated image templates, which were causing problems for cron
      * Fixed in text captions
      * Fixed SQL problems when updating options
      * Fixed name clashes with other plugins
      * Fixed custom image field

=  1.3.beta (2009.07.01) =
  * Mores fixes for character issues in subject
  * Now handling Windows-1256 (arabic) character set
  * Fixed image uploading on windows servers
  * Fixed replying to message adds comment
  * Uploading pictures via MMS should now work
  * Fixed some issues with e-mails from outloook 12
  * Greatly reduced number of database queries
  * No longer requiring config_handler.php

=  1.3.alpha (2009.06.05) =
  * Now using default wordpress image and upload handling, which means:
      * No more creating special directories for postie
      * No more confusion about imagemagick
      * Can now use the [gallery] feature of wordpress
      * Attachments are now connected to posts in the database
      * All image resizing uses wordpress's default settings (under media)
  * Configuration, settings and documentation improvements
      * Completely redesigned settings page (mostly thanks to Rainman)
      * Reset configuration no longer deletes mailserver settings
      * Now including help files and faq directly in settings page
  * More media features
      * Automatically turn links to youtube into an embedded player
      * Added option to embed audio files with custom templates
      * Video options are now template based
      * Image options are now solely template based, with several new default
  * Bug fixes
      * Uploading images from vodafone phones should now work
      * Correctly handling Windows-1252 encoding
      * Correctly handling non-ascii characters in subject line

=  1.2.3 (2009.05.17) =
  * Fixed headers already sent bug
  * Converted shortcode `<?` to proper `<?php` (thanks brack)
  * Deleting mails after processing again

=  1.2.2 (2009.05.15) =
  * Show empty categories for default category in options
  * Image scaling fixed so that the smaller value of max image width and max
    image height is used
  * Fixed some issues with parsing html e-mail
  * Got rid of stupid mime tag (thanks Jeroen)
  * No longer adding slashes before calling wp_insert_post
  * When using custom image field, each image has a unique key

=  1.2.1 (2009.05.07) =
  * Got rid of stupid version checking
  * Improved cronless postie instructions and configuration
  * Internationalization is working now
  * Dutch localization (thanks to gvmelle http://gvmelle.com )
  * Fixed caption bug when using image magick
  * Added option to not filter new lines (when using markdown syntax)
  * Fixed autoplay option
  * Can now use wildcards in excluding filenames
  * Producing better quality thumbnails (thanks to robcarey)

=  1.2 (2009.04.22) =
  * More video options:
      * Can embed 3gp, mp4, mov videos
      * Can specify video width, video height, player width, and player height
        in the settings page
      * Can specify custom image template
  * Image handling improvements:
      * Only downscale images, not up-scale (thanks Jarven)
      * More custom image template options
      * IPTC captions now also work when not resizing images
      * Added option to use custom field for images (for Datapusher)
      * Fixed some issues with image templates and line break handling
      * Custom image template now works even when not resizing images
  * Documentation improvements:
      * Added links to settings, forum, and readme in plugin description
      * Updated readme (thanks to Venkatraman Dhamodaran)
      * Added better instructions on how to use cronless postie
  * Text processing improvements:
      * Added option to automatically convert urls into links
      * Added feature to include a custom excerpt
  * Miscellaneous improvements
      * Improved internationalization (thanks to HÃ¥vard Broberg
  * Bug Fixes
      * Removed debugging info in get_mail.php (security issue) thanks to 
        [Jens]( http://svalgaard.net/jens/)
      * No longer directly including pluggable.php (should
        prevent conflicts with other plugins such as registerplus

=  1.1.5 (2009.03.10) =
  * Added option to have postie posts be pending review, published, or draft
  * Settings panel only shows up for administrators
  * Need not be user "admin" to modify settings or to post from non-registered
  * Can now set administrator name. Authorized e-mail addresses which don't
    have a user get posted under this name
  * Will use IPTC captions if available
  * Added option to replace newline characters with <br />

=  1.1.4 (2009.03.06) =
  * Added more image options (open in new window, custom image template)
  * can now add captions to images
  * Can now add tags (including default tag option)

=  1.1.3 (2009.02.20) =
  * Fixed delayed posting
  * updated readme some

=  1.1.2 (2008.07.12) =
  * now maintained by Robert Felty
  * allow negative delays
  * will glean author information from forwarded or redirected e*mails
  * replying to an e*mail adds a comment to a post
  * fixed category handling to work with taxonomy
  * fixed one syntax error
  * added option to wrap posts and comments in <pre> tags

=  1.1.1 =

Below is all the of the version information. As far as I can tell there once was a guy named John Blade. He took some of the original wp-mail.php code 
and started hacking away on it. He actually got pretty far. About the time I discovered WordPress and his little hack - called WP-Mail at the time - he 
went on a vacation or something. There were some problems with the script, and it was missing some features I wanted. I hacked away at it and got it 
into a place where it did what I wanted. I started posting about it since I figured other people might want the features. 

John didn't release any more versions at least up til July 2005. So I started accepting submissions and feature requests from people to help make the 
code better. In June/July 2005 I discovered a little plugin by Chris J Davis (http://www.chrisjdavis.org/cjd-notepad/) called notepad. I added a small 
feature to it (basically a bookmarklet).  In the process I started looking at his code and realized how much you could do with the plugin system 
available in Word Press.

So I decided to make an offical fork. I put up an article on my blog asking for new names. I picked Postie.  I then modified the code to be a proper 
plugin.  And the rest is history :)

* BUGFIX -problem with subject
* BUGFIX -cronless postie typo

=  1.1 =
* FEATURE: Updated and tested with WordPress 2.1
* BUGFIX:Removed deprecated functions
* FEATURE: Cronless Postie now uses the WordPress native Psuedo Cron.

=  1.0 =
* BUGFIX: TestWPVersion broke with 2.1
* FEATURE: end: now marks the end of a message (Dan Cunningham)
* FEATURE: Better Readme (Michael Rasmussen)
* FEATURE: Smart Sharpen Option -EXPERIMENTAL- (Jonas Rhodin)
* BUGFIX: Issue with google imap fixed (Jim Hodgson)
* BUGFIX: Fixed espacing issue in subjects (Paul Clip)
* BUGFIX: Typo in Div fixed (phil)

= =
* BUGFIX: Typo

= =
* BUGFIX: Removed debugging code

= =
* BUGFIX: If your email address matches an existing user - then it will post as that user - even if you allow anyone to post.
* BUGFIX: Replaced get_settings('home') with get_settings('siteurl')
* BUGFIX: Better handling for Japanese character sets - Thanks to http://www.souzouzone.jp/blog/archives/009531.html
* BUGFIX: Better thumbnail window opening code - thanks to Gabi & Duntello!
* FEATURE: Added an option to set the MAX Height of an image - idea from Duntello
* BUGFIX: Modified the FilterNewLines for better flowed text handling - You now HAVE TO PUT TWO NEW LINES to end a paragraph.
* FEATURE: Added new CSS tags to support positioning images/attachments/3gp videos
* BUGFIX: Tries to use the date in the message (Thanks Ravan) I tried this once before and it never worked - hopefully this time it will.
* BUGFIX: Added a workaround to fix the problem with Subscribe2 - it will now notify on posts that are not set to show up in the future.

= =
* BUGFIX: Looks for the NOOP error and disgards it
* FEATURE: Postie now detects the version of WordPress being used 
* FEATURE: Smarter Parsing of VodaPhone 
* FEATURE: Easy place to add new code to handle other brain-dead mail clients
* BUGFIX: Handles insertion of single quotes properly
* BUGFIX: Thumbnails should now link properly

= =
* BUGFIX: Needed a strtolower in places to catch all iso-8859 - thx to Gitte Wange for the catch
* BUGFIX: Fixed issue with the category not being posted properly

=  0.9.9 =
* BUGFIX: Config Page now works
* FEATURES: Supports role based posting
* BUGFIX: Posting updates the category counts.

= =
* BUGFIX: Fixed problems with config page <%php became <?php
= =
* BUGFIX: onClick changed to onclick
* BUGFIX: strolower added to test for iso - thanks daniele
* BUGFIX: Added a class to the 3gp video tags
* FEATURE: Added the option to put the images before the article
* BUGFIX: Added in selection for charsets - thanks Psykotik - this may cause problems for other encodings
* FEATURE: Added option to turn of quoted printable decoding
* FEATURE: :start tag - now postie looks for this tag before looking for you message - handy if your service provider prepends a message 
* FEATURE: Template for translation now included

= =
* BUGFIX: Fixed problem with config_form.php - select had "NULL" instead of ""
* BUGFIX: 3g2 now supported
* BUGFIX: More line break issues addressed
* BUGFIX: QuickTime controls are now visible even if the movie is done playing
* BUGFIX: Email addresses in the format <hide@address.com> (Full Name) supported
* BUGFIX: Some images that were not being resized - are now
* BUGFIX: HTML problems - if you posted plain text with HTML on it ignored all images
* BUGFIX: The test system blew up on the thumbnails 
* BUGFIX: Selected HTML for preferred text is now shown in the config form properly
* BUGFIX: Postie now complains if it is not in its own directory
* BUGFIX: Postie doesn't include PEAR if it is already available
* BUGFIX: In Test mode rejected emails are simply dropped
* BUGFIX: Markdown messes up Postie - it will warn you if you turn it on.
= =
* BUGFIX: Fixed issue with the line feed replacement
* BUGFIX: Added Banned File Config back in
* FEATURE: Added in a link around 3gp video embedded via QT
* BUGFIX: Email that has both Plain and HTML content will show the HTML content and not the plain if html is preferred

= =
* BUGFIX: Fixed an extra new line after attaching non-image files.
* BUGFIX: The Test system now displays any missing gd functions
* BUGFIX: The test system was only using ImageMagick

= =
* BUGFIX: The test images are now included in the zip 

=  0.9.8 =
* BUGFIX: New Lines detected and handled properly in cases where the mail client doesn't put a space before the new line (Miss Distance)
* BUGFIX: 3gp mime type added (Paco Cotera)
* BUGFIX: Authorized Email Addresses are not case-insensitive
* FEATURE: The larger image now does a proper pop up 
* BUGFIX: Fixed Timeing Issue - turns out it wasn't reading the db at all
* FEATURE: New Test Screen - to help track down problems

=  0.9.7 =
* BUGFIX: removed all short tags
* BUGFIX: There were spacing issues in the way I wrote the QT embed statements 
* FEATURE: Added calls to WP-Cron - should work with that properly now if you activate Cronless Postie
* FEATURE: ImageMagick version works without any calls to GD
* BUGFIX: Postie now correctly handles cases wjere tjere are multiple blogs in one db
* BUGFIX: Turned off warnings when using without GD
* FEATURE: add the rotate:X  to your message to rotate all images
* FEATURE: new filter_postie_thumbnail_with_full which makes it easy to show a thumbnail on the front page but full image on the single page - see FAQ

=  0.9.6 =
* BUGFIX: handles email addresses that are no name and just <hide@address.com> (Steve Cooley Reported)
* FEATURE: Basic support for embedding flash files
* BUGFIX: Postie now handles creating the correct URL on non Unix platforms
* BUGFIX: Fixed problem with file attachments not being put in the right place.
* FEATURE: You can now choose to use imagemagick convert to handle making thumbnails
* BUGFIX: Rewrote Cronless Postie to use direct sockets
* BUGFIX: Time offset is now settable just for Postie - hopefully this will fix problems for cases where the normal time offset doesn't work properly.
* FEATURE: First draft of frame for a 3GP video
* FEATURE: Option to embed 3GP in QuickTime Controller.

= =
* BUGFIX: gmt variable not being set correctly
* BUGFIX: Changed the name of the Check Mail button to fix an issue with mod_security
* BUGFIX: Fixed issue with Cronless-Postie
* BUGFIX: There was an argument passed by reference incorrectly
* FEATURE: Added in Cronless Postie Readme
* FEATURE: Added in Postie Readme

= =
* BUGFIX: Confirmed POP3-SSL on debian-3.0
* BUGFIX: Updated the plugin version
* BUGFIX: Stopped displaying the email account
=  0.9.5 =
* BUGFIX: Postie handles cases where you do not have GD
* FEATURE: You can now set the access level for posting - so other people can use the gate way
* BUGFIX: Fixed issue when admininstrator email is not tied to a user account.
* FEATURE: Can now reset all Postie configurations back to defaults
* BUGFIX: HTML Emails with embedded images are now handled properly.
* BUGFIX: The time difference should work correctly now
* BUGFIX: Postie's configs are completely seperate from Writing-By-Mail
* FEATURE: Warning if you use Gmail to make sure you turn on POP support
* BUGFIX: Manual Check Mail Button in interface
* BUGFIX: fixed issue of compatability with cjd-notepad
* BUGFIX: Windows Works Now

=  0.9.4 =
* BUGFIX: Cronless Postie - fixed the include statement
* BUGFIX: Authorized Addresses now supports a single address
* FEATURE: All configuration in Postie done in a single screen
* FEATURE: AUTHORIZATION can be completely overridden
* BUGFIX: line 1159 - didn't handle cases where the table didn't exist already very well
* FEATURE: Detects if you can do IMAP
* FEATURE: Added IMAP Support
* FEATURE: Added IMAP-SSL Support
* FEATURE: Added POP3-SSL Support

=  0.9.3 =
* Bug fixes for IIS

=  0.9.2 =
* Moved to more of a DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR structure 

=  0.9.1 =
* Added a define to fix a problem with over including

=  0.9 =
* Converted to an honest to god plugin
* BUGFIX: If you put a single category:subject it now works
* BUGFIX: ? Special characters may be supported?  The test post now shows a lot of umlats and accents?
* BUGFIX: The last ] in a subject with categories is now filtered out
* FEATURE: -1- subject - will put the post in category 1

=  0.312.13 =
* Code clean up - The main loop is finally readable by even non programmers
* FEATURE - You can now post to multiple categories at one time by using the [#],[Category Name], [Cat] in the subject
* FEATURE - You can now select a category by just including the begining characters [G] will select General 
* if you don't have any other categories that start with g
* FEATURE - Jay Talbot - added a new feature so you can have multiple email addresses be allowed in
* Make multi category posting more obvious
* BUG FIX: Timezones of GMT+? should now work properly
* BUG FIX: Able to handle mis-mime typed images as long as they are named with .jpg/.gif/.png

=  0.312.12 =
* Code clean up - slowing shrinking the main to make it easier to fix things
* FEATURE: Be able to turn on/off allowing comments in an email
* BUG FIX: AppleDouble now mostly supported 
* BUG FIX: MIME handling improved.
* BUG FIX: Fix issue with timing delay

=  0.312.11 =
* FEATURE: Patterns to define where a sig starts are user configurable
* FEATURE: Add filter options for banned file names
* BUG FIX: Made it possible to turn off posting to the db for testing purposes

=  0.312.10 =
* FEATURE: Added in code to diplay the mime type of the file being linked to
* BUG FIX: It now tests for the existance of the directories and makes sure
* that the web server can write to them

=  0.312.9 =
* FEATURE:Should handle jpg as well as jpeg as the file type
* BUG FIX: Now correctly handles the subject in the message
* BUG FIX: Should handle Text preferences correctly 

=  0.312.8 =
* Some general code tidying. 
* FEATURE: Can now have email from invalid email addresses automatically forwarded
* to the admin's email account. This forward includes all attachments. 
* Props to David Luden for getting this started.
* Minor change: The system will continue if it runs into a message that doesn't have 
* any content - it will also continue to process if it gets an email from 
* someone not in the system. In the past this could result in deleted mail
* if your cron job didn't run often enough.

=  0.312.7 =
* Confirm the handling of 3gp video for cell phones o
* Added in new directive SUPPORTED_FILE_TYPES -if the mime type is listed here then the system will try to make a link to it without making a thumb nail.

=  0.312.6 =
* Bug Fix: Ok the last bug I fixed - actually caused another bug - man I should set up some unit tests. Now it handles mail from the nokia mail client correctly.

=  0.312.5 =
* Bug Fix : The system was accepting all text/* types. Now you can set a preference (defaults to text/plain)
* to use as the main text for the post.

=  0.312.4  =
* Added in sanitize_title call suggested by Jemima
* Added in ability to provide a subject in an mms - by using #Subject#
* Fixed an issue with the time stamp system so it now automatically uses the gmt_offset from WordPress
* Fixed issue with the delay:1d1h tag that prevented it from being removed from the body.
* Fixed issue with the delay tag that caused problems if it was the last thing before an image.

=  0.312.3-HEY  (2005-05) =
* > Some changes and Bugfixes by Adrian Heydecker
* > Not (yet) in main development branch.
* Fixed bug: JPEG-thumbnails had a bigger filesize than full images caused by bad hardcoded compression value.
* Fixed bug: If images and signatures were present but no placeholder tags, the images were deleted together with the signature.
* Fixed bug: Generates valid postnames for users of mod_rewrite. Permalinks to posts should now work even when whitespaces are present in the subject line.
* Added support for Quoted Printable encoded mail.
* Added ability to encode Wordpress-posts in charset ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8.
* Added ability to choose JPEG-compression value for thumbnails.
* Added ability to add class="" and style="" to images.
* Added ability to use a different mailadress (eg. mobile) without setting up a new Wordpress-account.

=  0.312.2 =
* BUGFIX: It now removes the delay tag from the message

=  0.312.1 =
* Added modification for placeholder support for images (David Luden)
* Added in support to automatically scale down big images (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Fixed bug with multiple emails all getting the contents of the first image tag (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Added option to allow HTML in the body and subject of the email (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Switch config options to defines to reduce the number of global variables (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Added tests to make sure there is a trailing slash on the DIR definitions (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Add tests to see if they have gd installed (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Separate the scaling out to a function for easier usage (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Add delay feature for future posting. (Dirk Elmendorf)
* Added in ability to use strtotime if it is available (Dirk ELmendorf)

=  0.312 - 2005-03 =
*  CHANGE FOR DEFAULT E-mail Categories, instead of [General] Subject you can now use General: Subject in the subject line.  Less typing, and there must be a space after the colon. 
*  Fixed bugs with no default posting for categories and user 

=  0.311 - 2005-01 =
*  eep, major bug for pop3 server. Next time I test my code more before I released, fixed so that pop3 now works.`

=  0.31 - 2004-12 & 2005-01 =
* (Has it been this long, best get back into the swing of things... did most of this coding on my holiday as I didn't have a machine to play WoW on :)
*  moved the deletion of pop3 emails into a check so that e-mails aren't deleted without proper checking.
*  added HTML 'decoding' (basic support for Thunderbird & Outlook) 
*  updated the Category search so that it matches words as well as numbers (i.e. [General] Subjectname will work instead of just [1] Subjectname)
*  Changed time function from time to strtotime (as per Senior Pez's suggestion), but found out that strtotime isn't in default php distro so removed...

= 0.3 - 2004-09 =
*  Added UBB decoding support
*  Added default title (when there is no subject assigned)
*  Started doing a little code cleanup, been reading Advanced PHP Book :)
=  0.2 - 2004-08 =
*  Stopped using pear body decoding in favour of own decoding (may be slower but more modifiable) because of enriched text decoding
*  Added base64_decode checking (may help mobile phone users)
*  Fixed Subject line for non-english users (htmlentities instead of just trim)
*  Fixed error in some pop hanging -> more graceful exit on event on no emails in inbox ($pop3->quit)
*  Added work around for email addresses with exta <> in field (ie: <hide@address.com> instead of hide@address.com
*  Added some ===basic=== enriched text support
*  Updated readme file for easier install
*  Easy modify of globals (such as PHOTOSDIR and FILESDIR)
*  Cleaned up some pear stuff in install
=  0.1 - 2004-06 =
* First release
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