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Bytescout Post2Blog : versions history
* - bug fixed
+ - implemented feature
~ - changed
! - important information

version 3.01 (21 June 2007)
* problem with Flickr authorization fixed
* minor bug-fixes related to uploading to Flickr

version 3.00 (23 May 2007)
+ Post2Blog is FREEWARE now

version 2.13 RC1 (13 May 2007)
+ Paste As Quote function added (in Edit menu)
+ categories are saved now for posts saved into file
* problem with loosing ID for posts fixed (program was unable to update posts using posts previously saved to files)
* minor bug-fixes and improvements

version 2.12 (12 April 2007)
* error message "Unable to focus disabled window" fixed (message was appearing on closing program)
+ option to set JPEG quality for images added from clipboard (or converted to JPEG from BMP)
* minor fixes in portable mode support
~ now temporary files are not deleted automatically to prevent problems with images from clipboard used in saved drafts

version 2.11a (13 February 2007)
* minor bug-fixes in different blog engines support
+ function to access more than 50 previous posts added (see Account | Manage Posts | Custom Number of Previous Posts...)
~ now asks to save post to disk before publishing it
* minor bug-fixes in new blogs wizard
+ support for new Blogger accounts improved
* minor bug-fixes and improvements

version 2.10c (6 February 2007)
* FTP uploading bug with incorrect remote paths fixed
* minor bug with message dialogs won't appear while posting
~ minor interface improvements

version 2.10a (31 January 2007)
* improved images link handling
* minor bug-fixes

version 2.10 Beta 2 (8 January 2007)
* temporary files handling improved in Portable mode
* minor bug-fixes in images links processing

version 2.10 Beta (1 January 2007)

+ support for YouTube video links added to IE and Firefox plugins
* minor bug-fixes in installer
* fixed bug with displaying only first selected category while posting
* built-in smiles handling improved
+ support for WordPress built-in smiles added
* Support for keyword phrases in Quick snippets improved
* Trackback was disabled for WordPress - fixed
+ Recently edited files (in File menu) added for each account
+ Support for different Flickr accounts used with different blog accounts added
+ localization engine changed to another
* minor bug-fixes

version 2.01 (1 November 2006)
+ Flickr uploading added to right-click popup menu for images
+ Auto-linking added (link is automatically added into quick snippets for easy re-use)
* minor bug-fixes

version 2.00 RC3 (30 October 2006)
+ Vista compatibility improved
* mouse scrolling was not working for categories - fixed
* minor interface fixes
+ blog type auto-discovery added
+ Flickr image uploading support (for whole blog or per image using Tools | Upload to Flickr)

version 2.00 RC2 (2 October 2006)

+ mapping of posts files for portable version added
+ Post "Friends Only" for LiveJournal accounts support added
* Amazon associate options panel is visible by default now
* problem with accounts are not added properly fixed
+ Post2BlogPortable.exe launcher for portable edition added
+ categories list height changed
+ Now portable edition wizard copies saved posts into Portable Edition folder
* Portable Edition now saves posts into portable edition folder instead of global My Documents
* minor bug-fixes in Post2Blog launcher

version 2.00 RC (20 September 2006)
!! MAJOR interface changes
+ new toolbar icons
+ toolbar minor interface changes
~ edit functions are under new toolbar now
+ typepad compatibility improved
+ Portability mode support
+ Utility for transfering settings for portable mode
+ iTunes music detection support
* Japan symbols support problem fixed
* _MORE_TEXT_TAG_ inserted twice on hot-key. fixed
+ smiles toolbar minor changes

version 1.23.4 (20 June 2006)
* minor interface bug-fixes

version 1.23.2 (9 June 2006)
* minor bug-fix in b2 evolution support

version 1.23.1 (9 June 2006)
* minor bugfix for single quote in HTML formatting engine

version 1.23 (5 June 2006)
* minor bug-fixes in HTML formatting engine
+ support for detection by FeedDemon added
* localization engine bug-fixes

version 1.22.2 (26 May 2006)
* minor problem with Typepad fixed

version 1.22.1 (11 May 2006)
* minor problem with posting as draft with Typepad fixed
* minor interface bugs fixed

version 1.22 (9 May 2006)
+ Ability to insert images from Flickr (press CTRL+SHIFT+F)
+ Plugins for RSS Bandit and Sharp Reader - now you can BlogThis items from these free RSS readers
* minor bug-fixes in smiles images
* minor bug-fix in Nucleus support
* minor bug-fixes

version 1.21.1b (18 April 2006)
*minor problem with IE context-menu plugin fixed
* minor problem with "Blogger API Enabled" fixed
+ support for Geeklog added

version 1.21.1 (6 March 2006)
* minor bugs in live spellchecker fixed

version: 1.21 (2 March 2006)
+ ability to add caption for image
* minor bug-fixes in HTML formatting engine
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.20.1a (10 February 2006)
* XHTML support improved;
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.20 Final (9 February 2006)
~ save/open functionality improved
* "open file" hot-key not working. fixed
* CTRL-TAB not working properly. fixed
* problems with categories support in MovableType blogs fixed
* problem with cursor in WYSIWYG editor fixed
* minor bug-fixes and improvements

version: 1.20 RC6 (1 February 2006)
* PRE formatting command not working. fixed
* Hotkeys not working properly in Title, Excerpt fields. fixed
* WordPress support improved
* Quotes in the title field not displayed properly. Fixed
* minor bug-fixes
* option to turn of post title prefix for FTP uploading

version: 1.20 RC5 (1 February 2006)
* minor bug-fixes in welcome wizard
* problem with inserting HTTPS link fixed

version: 1.20 RC4 (31 January 2006)
* welcome wizard improved
+ minor bug-fixes

version: 1.20 RC3 (27 January 2006)
* minor bug-fixes in live spellchecker engine
* minor bug-fixes in installation engine
~ now checking for corrupted settings file
* Unicode support improved
* minor bug-fixes in interface

version: 1.20 RC2 (24 January 2006)
* minor bug-fixes
+ option to turn on/off live spellchecking in Options dialog

version: 1.20 RC (24 January 2006)
+ "live" multi-language spellchecking: incorrect words are highlighted you can right-click on them and correct them
+ insert table function
+ ability to resize tables using mouse
+ now can launch URL from editor by double-clicking on it
+ now can view image properties by double-clicking on image
~ program now asks if want to save current post before opening most recent post
* minor bug-fixes in spell checker support
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.11b (19 January 2006)
+ now you can insert images from clipboard
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.11a (12 January 2006)
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.11 (11 January 2006)
+ new command "Download Remote Images to Local" added
+ hot-key for "View Site" function added
+ updated documentation
* improved Drupal blog engine support
~ minor interface changes
~ improved XHTML formatting engine
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 RC 10 (8 January 2006)
~ blogware support improved
* minor bug-fixes in main editor interface

version: 1.10 RC 9 (7 January 2006)
+ toolbar button for  spellchecker added
* default connection and reading timeout settings changed
+ minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 RC 8 (6 January 2006)
* problem with insert tag dialog fixed
* Drupal configuration file updated
~ "Auto-add Technorati tag" now is disabled by default

version: 1.10 RC 7 (5 January 2006)
* improved Drupal blog engine support
* double-space auto remove formatting option removed
+ option to add Technorati tags added
+ hotkey to publish with forced pinging added
* pinging functionality improved
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 RC 6 (27 December 2005)
+ skin support added for IE/Firefox plugins
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 RC 5 (25 December 2005)
* problems with date and time handing in wordpress blogs fixed
~ date and post time settings moved to "Advanced options" panel
* problems with comments and trackbacks post options fixed
~ Amazon link support improved
* trackbacks are were not passed correctly from IE/Firefox plugins.fixed.
~ minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 RC 4 (23 December 2005)
* bug with "update blogs and categories" function not working fixed

version: 1.10 RC 3 (23 December 2005)
* bugs with time/date settings fixed
* minor bug-fixes
* minor interface changes

version: 1.10 RC 2 (22 December 2005)
+ ability to insert search Amazon products and insert links to Amazon products directly from Post2Blog added
* problem with title, trackbacks disappearing fixed
* problem with drag-n-dropped images from browsers fixed
~ default skin changed to mac-like skin
* minor bug-fixes in XHTML engine
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 RC (18 December 2005)
+ integration with ImageShack.us added
* fixed problem with pinging while using https for blog
+ added text formatting selection for Movable Type powered blogs
* problem with incorrect date in WordPress blogs fixed
+ FTP option for automatic sub-folder creation according to the year and month added. You can also set to add year&month prefix to the uploaded filenames
+ hot-key for PRE formatting tag added
+ recent links in Insert Link dialog
+ MSN Spaces support added
* plain text was not handled correctly via copy/paste or drag-n-drop. fixed.
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 Beta 9 (12 December 2005)
* nasty bug with disappearing text after switching between editor tabs
* wrapping is on in HTML edit now
~ better support for javascripts. scripts are highlighted in WYSIWYG editor too.
+ <PRE> formatting command added
+ recent links support in Insert Link dialog
* bug with text and background color mixed up fixed
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 Beta 8 (11 December 2005)
* problem with inproper position of inserted quick snippet fixed
+ now javascript tags are visible in visual HTML editor
* fixed problems with hot-keys for non-defined quick snippets
+ better handling for some HTML tags
* minor bug-fixes and improvements

version: 1.10 Beta 7 (6 December 2005)
* bug with incorrect categories for recent posts fixed
* improved support for javascripts inside posts
* problem with dialog appearing behind main window has been fixed
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 Beta 6 (5 December 2005)
* problem with downloading recent entries from Typepad, Movable Type blogs fixed
* problem with apostrophe fixed
~ improved HTML formatting engine
+ ability to add/remove quick snippets added
+ improved support for <script> HTML tags
* minor bug-fixes in drag-n-drop from external applications fixed
+ RSS export added
+ default testing blog added
+ pre-defined account for testing blog added
* problem with posting progress indicator fixed
* bug fixed with non-working font and background colors controls
* minor bug-fixes
* minor interface changes

version: 1.10 Beta 5 (28 November 2005)
~ main interface changes: excerpt and other post settings moved to top
* minor bug-fix for WordPress engine ()
+ new option to import list of ping services from file
* bug with plain text import function fixed
* integration via command line was not working. fixed

version: 1.10 Beta 4 (26 November 2005)
+ referral tracking added
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 Beta 3 (25 November 2005)
+ new ability to insert emotion images (smiles). Text smiles like :), :-), :( are automatically replaced with appropriate emotion images
* minor bug-fixes in QuickSnippets engine
* problem with damaging <img tags in HTML code editor fixed
* Google Base export templates updated to use Atom (XML)
* WordPress.com preset added

version: 1.10 Beta 2 (23 November 2005)
+ ability to export posts into Bulk XML file for Google Base (this file can be used to upload exported posts to Google Base)
+ new "post to bulk file for Google Base" function
* problem with extended text entry fixed for WordPress, Typepad and other modern blog engines
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.10 Beta (22 November 2005)
~ now add captured content from Firefox/IE plugin into the same post
+ trackback detection added
+ "quick snippets" added. You can define up to 12 HTML snippets and insert them into post using hot-key or just by typing keyword
+ export to PDF added. Can export recent posts to the PDF file as well
+ new /noconfirm option in command line interface. If /noconfirm is used then image files are added without additional dialogs
+ now program can save remote images from pasted HTML (via drag-n-drop or plugins) into local files
+ now Post2Blog sends trackbacks without blog engine
* minor bug-fixes in XHTML formatting engine
* main window blocked if any dialog appear in "stay-on-top" mode. fixed,
* minor bug-fixes in blog posting engine

version: 1.03 (17 November 2005)
* MetaWeblog based blogs support improved
* minor bug-fixes
+ program has been successfully tested with MSN Spaces beta MetaWeblog support

version: 1.02a (16 November 2005)
* problems with incorrect local images filenames after XHTML code formatting fixed
* problems with b2 evolution blogs fixed
* problem with mixing categories when current blog is changed
* minor internal improvements and bug-fixes

version: 1.01a (14 November 2005)
* pings was not working properly. fixed.
* account file uploading type was not stored properly. fixed.

version: 1.01 (14 November 2005)
+ intergration with free image/files storage picturelli.com service added. Now Blogger, LiveJournal users can simply add new account and start posting images/files into their blog without any additional settings;
+ support for web-server authentication (useful when folder with blog is protected with password);
~ trial is changed to 30 days trial version;
* problem with "program not responding" while posting solved
* minor bug-fixes and improvements;
+ new blog types added: Elgg.net, dasBlog 

version: 1.00 (10 November 2005)
~ main editor interface changes. Images and files uploading settings were moved to Account Properties dialog
~ shortcuts in main menu were added (thanks to Marjolein Hoekstra)
* CTRL+TAB and TAB hot-keys now working OK
+ message in IE plugin installation added to warn about possible installation blocking by spy-ware tools
+ icon changed in main EXE module
* problem with asking to enter link to the blog in New Account Wizard for some blog types fixed
~ now program is 90 days trial shareware
* minor bug-fixes and improvements

version: 1.00RC3 (27 October 2005)
* New account wizard improved
* minor bug-fixes

version: 1.00RC2 (26 October 2005)
* error while adding post with trackbacks fixed
* now asks for password if password used while trying to get recent post was incorrect
* "update blogs" and "update categories" functions not working. fixed.
* title emptied when switching between accounts. fixed
~ documentation updated
* now ping services are pinged only when you publish *new* posts

version: 1.00RC (25 October 2005)
+ documentation added
+ new "insert tag" feature
~ now provides support for more than 30 blog types
* error in MS Word plugin fixed
~ interface for capturing type dialog has been changed
* minor bug-fixes
* Firefox extension updated to version 1.02
+ new program icon
+ XHTML code compatibility feature added
+ context menu added for visual editor
~ spell checker improved. 
* "Post to clipboard" command was not working properly
+ Ability to set text and text background color added
* internal bug-fixes and improvements

version: Beta (10 October 2005)
* bug with images links uploaded via blog fixed

version: 0.9.93 Beta (7 October 2005)
* improved Unicode support
+ support for skins added
+ now can add new pings and manage them
+ ability to attach files to the post
* minor interface changes
~ necessity to login into blog removed
+ ability to highlight selected text according to the given programming style
+ HTML code highlighting in HTML code editor

version: 0.9.92 Beta (1 October 2005)
* problem with Unicode text captured to post2blog from Firefox/Mozilla fixed
* categories were not changed properly for edited posts. fixed.
* minor interface bug-fixes

version: 0.9.91 Beta (30 September 2005)
* minor interface changes and improvements
+ now can automatically ping different web-services about update in your blog (currently supported: Technorati, WebLogs, Blo.gs, Ping-o-matic)
* improved Unicode support
* fixed problems with Unicode support
+ now do not use nasty <P> tags in the produced HTML code of the post
* ability to change align for images by clicking on it and using alignment buttons for text
* problem with incorrect posts time in LiveJournal fixed
* ability to minimize to tray
* improved spell checker work (more dictionaries are to come)
+ now can switch between code 
+ ability to edit most recent post within on click
* minor internal bug-fixes

version: 0.9.8 Beta (26 September 2005)
+ ability to generate Technorati tags (click insert link (CTRL+K) and then select Technorati in the services list)
+ ability to automatically generate links to LiveJournal user, Flickr user tags (click (CTRL+K) and select service type)
* fixed problem with mixed FTP settings while changing accounts
+ now can switch to Compact View mode
+ now program asks if you wants to upload new file or image as new via FTP if image of file exists on server
~ now if no text  selection and user inserting link then link is placed as text
* fixed problem with proxy settings for account
+ UNICODE (Japanes, Korean, Chinese, French and all languages) support
* minor interface changes
+ spellchecker and thesaurus added (F7)
~ "extended text" tag has been changed to new one

version: 0.9.6 Beta (15 September 2005)
* web-based file uploading for WordPress, Typepad is supported now
* minor bug-fixes
+ now can select 2 or more posts and change their categories in "Manage Posts" dialog
+ now can deleye 2 or more posts and in "Manage Posts" dialog
* bug with recent posts sub-menu fixed
~ non-blocking Post2Blog dialog are now called from IE plugin
~ non-blocking Post2Blog dialog are now called from Word plugin
+ ability to set Post2Blog editor as stay on top
+ drag-n-drop support for HTML editor

version: 0.9.42 Beta (11 September 2005)
+ minor bug-fixes
* improper width and height for inserted images fixed
~ minor bug-fixes

version: Beta (9 September 2005)
+ improved support for typepad
* bug with improper restoring selected blog
* minor bug-fixes
* minor interface changes

version: 0.9.4 Beta (7 September 2005)
* fixed thumbnails generation
+ now can edit recent posts
+ now can change categories for recent posts
+ now can delete selected posts
+ improved typepad support
+ support for automatic web-based file uploading support (Wordpress, Typepad, etc)
* minor bug-fixes

version: 0.9.1 Beta (1 September 2005)
* fixed thumbnails generation
* title is now empty by default
* fixed problem with posting hanging
* minor bug-fixes

version: 0.9 Beta (29 August 2005)
+ beta version
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