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            <legend>Type in your long URL to get short URL</legend>
            <label for="url">Your URL (don't forget prefixes - http:// or ftp:// or https:// )</label> <INPUT type="text" size="50" name="url" value="" />
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        <h1>Short URL Service example:</h1>
        <p>This service is able to shorten your long URLs - like
        <em>http://forum.phuketadvice.com/index.php?topic=2.0</em><br /><br />
        into something like
        <a href="http://linkslash.com/phuket">http://linkslash.com/phuket</a> or
        <a href="http://linkslash.com/phuket.html">http://linkslash.com/phuket.html</a> (<strong>good for SEO</strong>) - to<br /><br />
        make it easier to post your URLs on forums, cloak your site's URL. And to boost SEO.

        <h2>Short URL API:</h2>
        <p>This service automatically converts URLs for remote sites.
        To convert URL into shorten address simply make GET request like <em>http://<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$BASE_URI; ?>?http://some-site.com/long-url/here.html</em> - you'll have an answer with plain text string (new short URL).</p>

      <p class="footer">&copy; 2008<?php if(date('Y') != '2008') { echo('-'.date('Y'));} ?>, <?php echo(ucfirst(str_replace('www.','',$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']))); ?> Short URL service powered by <a href="http://plusphp.com/Pages/47/Short-URL-URL-Cloak-Script/">plusPHP ShortURL Script</a>.</p>


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