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To install, upload all of the files in the Plogger distribution to your web server.
Next, create a MySQL database and user from your web hosting control panel.
Then, run the install script (/plog-admin/_install.php) in the web browser of your choice.
The script will guide you through the rest of the installation process.


To integrate Plogger into your website, place the following PHP statements in the .php
file you wish display the gallery in:

First line of the .php file ->										<?php require("path/to/plogger.php"); ?>
In the HEAD section ->												<?php the_plogger_head(); ?>
In the BODY section where you want the gallery ->		<?php the_plogger_gallery(); ?>

Version: 1.0-RC1

UPGRADE FROM 1.0-Beta1, 1.0-Beta2, 1.0-Beta3

1) Make a backup of all of your files via FTP and your database via phpMyAdmin and save
	them to your computer.
2) Upload and overwrite ALL FILES except for plog-config.php.
3) Run /plog-admin/_upgrade.php in your web browser.
4) The upgrade process consists of 5 steps and is automated. Follow the instructions for each
	step and fix any problems listed before proceeding to the next step.
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