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/* Plogger Theme Meta Template

$theme_name: The name of your theme
$version: Theme version
$author: Name of the theme author
$url: Link to the themes website or author url
$description: Description of the look and feel of the theme
$license: Type of license theme is released under


$theme_name = 'Lucid';
$version = '0.2';
$author = 'Mike Johnson';
$url = 'http://www.plogger.org/';
$description = 'This theme is a good stand-alone theme if you do not plan on embedding Plogger into your website or do not have an existing design. Lucid features a minimal layout with soft, desaturated colors. The user sort options are removed from the interface, and the jump menu is tucked away in the footer.';
$license = 'GNU General Public License (GPL)';
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