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	// start up plato class
	$pl = new plato();
	// assign all variables
	$pl->assign("header", "header.tpl");
	$pl->assign("argVal", "Rick Hopkins<br>Web Developer<br>Morrison Industrial Equipment<br>Grand Rapids, Michigan");
	$pl->assign("name", array("John Smith", "Mary Smith", "John Smith Jr."));
	$pl->assign("age", array("25", "23", "3"));
	$pl->assign("position", array("Dad", "Mom", "Son"));
	$pl->assign("title", "Plato Template System Test Run");
	$pl->assign("test1", "This is a test of the Plato Template System.");
	$pl->assign("test2", "This template system can load files as includes, set variables, and perform functions.<br>The code is easily extendable and users can write their own functions to work as Plato plugins.");
	$pl->assign("footerTest", "This is the footer section of the page.<br>It was pulled into the page by a plato include command.");
	$pl->assign("state", array("selected" => "MI", "class" => "input"));
	// create the page
	// do a speed check
	print("<br><h1><b>File Parse Time:</b><hr>".$pl->getParseTime()."</h1>");
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