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*	Name:			Pictoru's Thumb												*
*	Author:			Ciprian Voicu												*
*	Version: 		1.0 														*
*	Date:			2006-08-08													*
*	Description:	• creates, saves, outputs thumbs							*
*	License: 		GNU GPL														*

include "class.pThumb.php";

$img=new pThumb();

# sets the max width of thumb to 200

# sets the max height of thumb to 150

# sets the max width and max height of thumb
$img->pSetSize(250, 200);

# set quality of the output image if jpeg

# all of them will be overwrited by this function if more than 1 parameter is call
# pCreate(image path, max width, max height, quality)
# max width, max height, quality are optional
# if no image present will be drawn one

# this class rotate the image
# the second parameter is optional. specifies the direction of rotation
# the default is CW. you can set it to CCW either
# ot you can use 1 instead of CW and 2 instead of CCW
# the third parameter is optional. specifies the color of the uncovered zone after the rotation. 

# save the image
# if the directory is not present will be created

# send the image to browser
# the argument is set to false will promt to download
# ex: $img->pOutput(false);

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