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Version 2.1
• has been added Delete() function. you can delete a file or directory. it uses unlink & rmdir functions. if the path to delete is a folder and is not empty the function will run recursively and delete all files and directories within.
• fixed displaying url.

Version 2.0
• the PTree_DOCUMENT and PTree_NAME constants have been deleted
• a new PTree_ALLOWED_KEYS constant has been added and contains a string with all the allowed information items for each file/dir
• the ListFiles() function has now 4 possible parameters. The 4th one is a string containing the parameters to be exported
• a small bug from the previous version of FileURL() function has been removed (the url-path wasn't calculated correctly)
• The FileInfo class is now an extension of the PFileTree class. Before was an independent one
• in the previous version, all the parameters of the file/dir were displayed from the class. In this version, in case the parameter has no value, will not be displayed
• has been added the constructor function which has 2 parameters. The first one is the host fullpath and the second one is optional, containing a folder for the relocated sites, if exists.
• new function: Keys() returns an array with all allowed elements taken from the PTree_ALLOWED_KEYS or from the 4th parameter of the ListFiles() function, if exists.
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