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 * Description: <br>
 * Description of phpSortable class project
 * last review: 03.02.07  <br><br>
 * @author Wagner O. Wutzke <hide@address.com>
 * @version 2.0 
 * @link http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/3704.html
 * @package phpSortable 

phpSortable is a Class that shows MySQL QueryResults in a HTML Table. As the name SortTable says, the shown table displays also the columns headers as links, so the query result of a table can be sorted.
Furthermore it gives the possibility to link the single rows with diferents other scripts types, like for editing, deleting, inserting and so on.

And if there are too many results to be displayed, the phpSortable class also gives the user the possibility to select how much rows have to be displayed. The table can also be “navigated” with the “last” and “next” links.


    * displays a database tables content in a HTML table.
    * only predefined columns of the db table are displayed.
    * sorts tables rows ascending and descending with the selected column.
    * limits the amount of displayed rows (5, 10, 20, 30, or 50).
    * displays “last” and “next” links for table navigation, if are more rows to be shown.
    * user defined links for edit and delete of single rows, if desired.
    * formating of single columns with a given format-function.
    * links for adding new entries.
    * dialog for edit and delete links with a user defined message.
    * user defined default rows number.
    * user defined CSS file for table formating. 
    * column as links that can attach the current id of the row or the row data
    * database abstraction with layer from class activeDBLayer.
    * user defined query result can be passed as class attribute. Free SQL queries can be executed.

File Listing:

phpSortable directory:

    * class.phpSortable.php: the phpSortable class.
    * class.phpSortColumn.php : help class for the phpSortable class.
    * img directory : hier are the image files for the edit and delete links, so as for ASC and DESC arrows.
    * examples directory: example_01.php and example_02.php. 2 Examples on how to work with the class.
**** NOTE: do not forget to download the required class activeDBLib to work with this package. 
Then put the package in a directoy named "activeDBLib/" in    your phpSortable folder.


If you have questions, you can go to my Blog an let your Question there. I´ll be very glad, if I can help you. 
But please, only concrete questions!
http://www.kakosworld.de/  => under phpSortable project.

This class is free for all kind of use. You can use it, change it and distribute. Feel free!
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