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<?php // 6/13/02 8:26AM
	// If you use Apache to set these variables (RECOMMENDED), comment out the 4 lines below
	$SQL_HOST='localhost';	// the sql server name or IP address
	$SQL_USER='phpuser';	// the username to use for mysql
	$SQL_PASS='php';	    // the password for above
	$SQL_DB='security';	    // the database name on the above server to use

    // Display settings (font styles can be modified in styles.css)
	$PSA_SITE_NAME='www.mysite.com'; // the name you want to display (if blank, will use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])
    $OUT_OF_DATE_LANGS=0;   // Default not to use out-of-date translations (Set to one to display all languages)
	$default_lang='en';    // Set the default language to display (English is default)

/**************** SHOULD NOT NEED TO EDIT ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE ****************/

    require dirname(__FILE__).'/_sessions.php';
    require dirname(__FILE__).'/class.phpMysqlConnection.php';
    require dirname(__FILE__).'/class.phpSecurityAdmin.php';

    if(!isset($lang) && (isset($_POST['language']) || isset($_GET['language'])))

	$sec_sys=new phpSecurityAdmin($lang,$SQL_USER,$SQL_PASS,$SQL_DB,$SQL_HOST,$PSA_SITE_NAME);
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