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//link to database
$user="user name here";
$password="user password here";
$database="database name here";

//application title
$appTitle = "phpRetrieve";

//Default user
$dfUser = "Guest";

//Tables to exclude
$exclude = array();
$exclude['users'] = True;

//Limit maximum number of records to display
$maxRecords = 200;	//maximum number of records viewable in browser on Run

//Limit maximum number of records to output to file
$maxOutputs = 65000; 	//maximum number of records to export
$zipExports = "Y"; 		//zip files before exporting (Y/N)

//Set Default Excel export defaults for XML output
$dfColWidth = 100;
$dfOrientation = "Landscape";

//Other settings
$version = "0.9";
$build = "";

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