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//Your  phpMyApplication serial number (Licence key)

$dbhost = 'localhost';  //Database host
$dbname = 'pma';	//Databas name
$dbuser = 'root';	//user
$dbpwd = '';		//pass
$pre = '';		//table prefix (optional like: app1_)

$adminId='admin'; 	//User Id for Admin
$adminPwd='admin';	//Password for Admin  NOTE: change these id and password if you are using this sample

//$ispublic=1; //Viewing is allowed to public
$isadmin=1; // Always admin mode
//Note: $ispublic & $isadmin variables could be set via your own login or security system

$TimeZone=1;	//Time zone ! use -8.0 instead -8:00,  or 1 instead +1:00

$defaultThumbWidth=30; //in pixels
$defaultThumbQuality=50; //1 to 100

$cx[0]="#efefef";   // First row background color (Listing)
$cx[1]="#e0e0e0";	// Next row background color

$twidth="600";      //Table width in pixels
$tlistwidth="92%";  //Listing table width

//Ban these file types when uploading files (file fields). Note: some file types are banned by default such as php,asp and ...

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