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Mtemplate will be a simple template processing class, to add template facilities in
PHP/HTML web pages.

  <?php $template->set('VAR', $value); ?>
  <?php $template->begin(); ?> to begin output buffering
  <html stuff> with {VAR} and <!--VARARRAY:begin--><tr>...</tr><!--VARARRAY:end-->
  <?php $template->end(); ?> to end output buffering and fetch template vars
Mtemplate is really good to add template features in a simple independant web page
mixing PHP and HTML, it allows to smarty mix PHP on top of file follow by the HTML
code which includes small PHP to markup the templates. It's easy to display database
table rows in a page for example.

Mtemplate is NOT a web page template feature, for this you'd look at Smarty.
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