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This is the NEWS file for PHPlot, with release documentation.
The project web site is http://sourceforge.net/projects/phplot/
The project home page is http://phplot.sourceforge.net/
Refer the the ChangeLog file for detailed source changes.
See NEWS_part1.txt for older release documentation.

2012-04-06 Release 5.8.0

=== Overview:

This is the current stable release of PHPlot. This release adds several new
features, including the ability to generate "streaming plots" - a video
stream showing updated plot data.

The PHPlot Reference Manual has been updated to match this release.

=== Cautions, Important Notes, and Compatibility Issues:

There are no known compatibility issues in upgrading from PHPlot-5.7.0 to
this release. For issues with previous releases, see below in this file.

=== Bugs Fixed in 5.8.0:

Fix bug #3506408 "Data Label Lines vs new plot types":
Data label lines do work with bubble plots. This is now documented. Data
label lines did not work well with OHLC plot types. This was never documented
to work, and is now disabled.

=== New features in 5.8.0:

Feature request #3488042 "Display only some data value labels":
Custom label formatting functions now have access to the data point row and
column for data value labels, and to the row for axis data labels. You can
now filter or modify labels based on their position in the data array.
Documentation was updated.

Feature request #3501500 "Looping plot section (updating plot data)":
PHPlot can now produce "streaming plots", with updating data presented as a
Motion-JPEG stream. Documentation has been added to the reference manual.

Feature request #3515519 "Support object serialize/unserialize":
You can now serialize and unserialize a PHPlot object, subject to some
minor restrictions. Details are in the PHPlot Reference Manual.


2012-02-25 Release 5.7.0

=== Overview:

This is the current stable release of PHPlot. This release includes several
bug fixes, new color controls for labels, a new feature for application-level
error handling, and an experimental feature for creating plot image maps.

The PHPlot reference manual has been updated to match this release.

=== Cautions, Important Notes, and Compatibility Issues:

This release includes a change in how the color is set for data value
labels. (These are the labels inside the plot area that identify the tops
of bars, for example.) This can change the color of some labels. See the
bug report "Wrong color for data value labels" below.

This release reverts a change from PHPlot-5.4.0 to stackedbars plots. It
affects plots with stacked bar segments of size 0 that are at the top or
end of a stack. Starting in PHPlot-5.4.0, a zero-size segment at the top or
end would result in a color 'cap' on the bar stack, using the data color of
the zero-size segment. In PHPlot-5.7.0 this has been fixed. This will
change the appearance of some stackedbars plots.  See the bug report "Top
dropshadow [sic] of stacked bars..."

=== Bugs Fixed in 5.7.0:

#3396931 "Top dropshadow of stacked bars is always the same color":
  PHPlot will no longer draw a color 'cap' at the top or end of a bar stack
  if the last segment has a 0 value. (The term 'dropshadow' isn't correct.)
  Drawing the color for zero-size segments started in PHPlot-5.4.0 as part of
  the fix for bug #3296884, but the behavior was unexpected, so it was reverted.
  In general, PHPlot will now ignore segments with size 0, and if a stack
  contains all 0 values it will not be drawn. (The exception is if the axis is

#3488064 "Pie label failures in locales with comma decimal":
  Two work-arounds are implemented for what is essentially a PHP problem with
  locales that use something other than a period (typically comma) for the
  decimal separator.  When formatting labels as type 'data', PHPlot loads the
  locale settings to get the separator characters, but now it resets ('unloads')
  the settings afterwards. This helps avoid an error seen in PHPlot-5.6.0 with
  pie chart labels, where an incidental conversion of the label to a string
  resulted in use of the comma separator, followed by PHP failing to convert
  the number back to floating point because of the comma.  The second
  work-around is to avoid the conversion to string, in the case where the pie
  label has a single value. Together, these work-arounds should prevent the
  problem, but this is an imperfect fix.

#3486834 "Wrong color for data value labels":
  PHPlot was using the 'title' color (SetTitleColor()) for data value labels,
  which was wrong, as the title color is for the 3 plot title strings. PHPlot
  will now use the general text color (SetTextColor()) for data value labels,
  same as tick labels and axis data labels. This will change the appearance
  of some plots. In order to help with the compatibility issue, 4 new
  functions are introduced to control the colors of individual label types:
  SetTickLabelColor(), SetPieLabelColor(), SetDataLabelColor(), and
  SetDataValueLabelColor(). The defaults have been set up to be compatible
  (except for data value labels). Details are in the PHPlot Reference Manual.

=== New features in 5.7.0:

#3442041 "Provide data for generating image maps":
  An experimental feature has been added to allow a callback function to
  process the coordinates of individual plotted data points. This is most
  useful for generating an HTML image map for the plot. Refer to the text
  file Imagemaps.txt included in the PHPlot release for details. Caution:
  This is an experimental feature. It is subject to change, and not yet
  documented in the reference manual.

#3481195 "Custom message image":
  A new function DrawMessage() has been implement for special cases where you
  need to display an image containing a message, rather than a plot. This
  extends the PHPlot error reporting mechanism, and is intended for
  application-level errors. More information and an example can be found
  in the PHPlot Reference Manual.


2012-01-02 Release 5.6.0

=== Overview:

This is the current stable release of PHPlot. This release includes
significant changes to pie charts. There are new ways to label pie charts,
and PHPlot does a better job calculating the size and positioning the labels.

The PHPlot reference manual has been updated to match this release.

=== Cautions, Important Notes, and Compatibility Issues:

Pie charts will change appearance when you upgrade to PHPlot-5.6.0 from any
previous release. This is due to changes resulting from bug #3403297,
described below. You may notice these changes:

1. The pie chart itself will usually be drawn larger, taking up more of
   the image. This may result in interference with a plot legend.

2. Pie chart labels will be closer to the edge of the pie, if you are letting
   the label positions default. If you are using SetLabelScalePosition() to
   set the label positions, the results may vary even more.

3. Text alignment on pie chart labels will change.

4. World Coordinates are now undefined with pie charts.

If you are producing pie charts with PHPlot, you should review the output
of your scripts before using PHPlot-5.6.0 in production. If the output is
not acceptable, one or more of these steps might help:

1. If pie charts are too large, and/or interfere with a legend, try moving the
   legend. Alternatively, use SetPlotAreaPixels() or SetMarginsPixels() to
   limit the plot area.  Note, however, that starting in this release PHPlot
   sizes the pie so the labels fit inside the plot area too. You can control
   this with SetPieAutoSize().

2.  If you want labels positioned just outside the pie chart, do not call
    SetLabelScalePosition(), or set the value to the default 0.5. If you want
    labels just inside the pie, use 0.49. If you want labels to be about
    half-way inside the pie, use 0.25. (In previous releases, PHPlot multiple
    the label scale position by 1.2 before using it to position the labels,
    but this was not documented.)

3.  Your pie chart script will report errors if you use GetDeviceXY(),
    SetLegendWorld(), or SetLegendPosition(...,..., 'world'). This is because
    these functions require world coordinates, and world coordinates are not
    defined for pie charts. (Previous releases did define a world coordinate
    space for pie charts, but the values were meaningless.)

=== Bugs Fixed in 5.6.0:

#3403297 Pie chart sizing and label issues:
In addition to the fixes listed here, new features were added as a result
of this bug fix (see New features below).

+ Use both width and height of the pie when calculating its maximum size.
  (The bug was that the pie diameter would be sized to fit in the smaller
  of the image width and height. But a shaded pie is oval, so when the width
  if the pie was sized to the height of the image, the pie was too small.)

+ Fixed the text alignment of pie labels so they extend more naturally
  away from the pie chart (if outside the pie). (Don't just use center/center
  alignment for all labels.)

+ Do not multiply the label scale position by 1.2 in the hope that this will
  prevent labels from overlapping the pie. Use the label scale position
  as intended, and take other measures to prevent label overlap (such as
  fixing the text alignment).

+ Label positions along the bottom of the pie are now adjusted to account for
  the pie shading depth.

+ Plot area borders now work with pie charts. Use SetPlotBorderType() to
  enable them. The default is not to draw borders.

=== New features in 5.6.0:

A number of new features were added as a result of bug #3403297, described
above. The new features are:
+ Use the new function SetPieLabelType() to select the type of pie labels
  to be displayed. Labels can show segment percentages, segment values,
  string labels, or any other value using a custom function.

+ SetPieLabelType() also allows control over formatting of pie labels,
  similar to the way X and Y tick and data labels can be formatted.

+ Plot labels can be suppressed with SetLabelScalePosition(0).

+ The aspect ratio of shaded pies can be controlled with a tuning variable
  $pie_diam_factor. The default remains 0.5, making the pie height equal to
  half its width.

#413925 Table of values:
This very old feature request was implemented by adding a new script to the
"contrib" directory.  The data_table.php script contains a function to draw
a simple table of values on a PHPlot image. Examples are provided.

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