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phpLoanCalc v1.0 (5 April 2004)

Copyright (c), 2004 - ArsRef LLC (hide@address.com)
Read disclaimer in the loan-calculator.php file.


phpLoanCalc is licensed under the GPL. There should be an included LICENSE.txt file.


You need:

	- PHP >=3 - http://www.php.net

How to install:
	- copy loan-calculator.php and loan-calculator.tpl files into desired directory on your server.
	  That's all you need! You are ready to run the script.


phpLoanCalc uses template ("loan-calculator.tpl") that helps to separate program code from html.
And because of template it's easy to redesign script then in simple php with html included.

You just need to edit "loan-calculator.tpl" file.
NOTE: Don't edit data which are in "{" "}" quotes.
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