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Thank you for using PHPicture, created by Crashthatch.

PHP4 with the GD extension for manipulating images.
Some images in .jpg, .gif or .png format.

To begin using:
1) Delete the sample images in the "images" folder, and put some of your own in.
2) Upload everything to your webserver (usually by using FTP).
3) Point your browser to "http://www.yoursite.com/phpicture/install.php"
4) Keep clicking "continue" as neccessary.

It's now fully installed, and you can visit picture.php to start using the picture-displayer.
The images will be displayed in alphabetical order.

If you add new pictures, rename pictures, or the gallery page is not displaying the correct
thumbnails, you will need to refresh the thumbnails.
Do this by pointing your browser to the install.php file, which is in the same directory as the
picture.php and gallery.php files.

If you require further support, or have any questions/feedback/feature requests etc, visit the
website, the forums (URLs below) or email me at the address shown below.


PHPicture can be used freely for personal use (provided you leave the copyright notices in place),
however if you like it and would like to send a donation, that'd be great. Email me at the address below.
For commercial use, please contact me at the below email address.


Website: http://www.stickmanarcade.com/phpicture
Email: hide@address.com
Forums: http://www.stickmanarcade.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=4


- "Restart slideshow" button now displayed below the final picture instead of the Start and Stop buttons.
- "Full-screen" button now restores the image to normal size if it is currently in full-screen mode.

- Trel Smith modified PHPicture to allow for captions for each picture in a sepearte file, captions.txt.
  He sent me the modified file, and it has become PHPicture version 1.3.

- Added support for servers with register_globals turned off.
  If you were experiencing problems with the "next" button not working, this should fix the problem.

- Images no longer have to be named 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg etc.
  This also allows support for other types of images (GIF, PNG etc).
- Added the "autoscroll" slide-show function.
- Images are now sorted alphabetically.
- Created "sample" pictures- no more rubbish "MS-paint" images.
- Thumbnails are now actually thumbnails- not resized versions of the full image.
- "skin" created. The "placeholder" images have finally been replaced.
- Full-screen image now availiable.
- The majority of this readme file written.
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