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<h2>Readme for phpGiftlist v.0.1</h2>
<p>phpGiftList is a simple gift list manager written in PHP and using mySQL as a database and released under the terms of the GPL. It displays the list of requested gifts from the database with a link to buy online. Some of the fields in the db I haven't decided how I'd like displayed. The size and misc information fit somewhere, but I haven't decided where. The user interface itself is below this text.</p>
<p><b>Future enhancements:</b>
<li>An improved admin interface for adding and editing items</li>
<li>Security - there needs to be some restraints on said admin interface so that someone can't screw up your list.</li>
<li>An "I'm buying this for him" interface. It would allow a gift buyer to click a link next to the item and indicate a name and email. The item will then be hidden. There needs to be some security here as well so that someone doesn't come along and hide your entire list.</li>
<li>A possible far enhancement would be hiding the item until a certain date has passed.</li>
<p>Before going further, please note that there is currently no security of any sort in this system. I run it only locally for now. Use it at your own risk.
<p>Create a database called: item. The SQL for creating the table as well as a few sample records is in: database.sql. The user (public) interface is display.php. The admin interface is in adminadmin.php and admindisplay.php.
<p>This program is &copy; 2000 by O.M. Jenkins and licensed under the <a href="gpl.txt">GPL</a></p>
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