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 * This is an example to illustrate how to use PHP Boing. Please
 * note that this is a very simple example. For a more sophisticated
 * example, look into 'ref_app' (reference application) - which is a
 * full blown MVC web application framework, that uses phpBoing. 
 * author: David Palmer <hide@address.com>
include_once("config.php"); // defines our core constants we need
include_once("c_container.php"); // phpBoing itself
include_once("c_tools.php"); // separate tool/utility functions

// lets make sure our dependent class definitions are loaded

// lets initialize our cache system
$memcache = Tools::initCache();

try {
	$container = new Container(); // instantiate our container class
} catch (Exception $ex) {
	// do something with exception
// now lets call our simple example bean:
$smipleExample = $container->getBean("simpleExample");
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