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                   PHP WSDL Generator - Version 1.0.1
                               October 2007

                   Copyright (c) 2007 Dragos Protung



1. Description
2. System Requirements
3. How to use
4. Contact


1. Product Description

A PHP class that can generate WSDL from PHP code with SOAP encoding.


2. System Requirements

PHP 5.x


3. How to use

3.1 - Begin
	You can add files using $WSDLCreator->addFile("path/to/your/file/file.ext);
	On the instantiation of the class you need to provide a name and an URL for the WSDL

3.2 - Adding files
	Then you need to add some files that contain PHP classes to generate the WSDL from by using the addFile() method
	You can have any other code in that files and anyware in the file as long as the file will not generate any errors.
	If a file will not contain a class will not generate an error.
	You can add as many files you want

3.3 - Ignoring
	If a file contains a class that you do not want to include in your WSDL you can just call the ignoreClass() method
	providing the name of the class (case sensitive). You you want to exclude more classes you can use the ignoreClasses()
	method providing an array with the names of the classes like array("class1", "class2", ...).

	If a class contains a method that you do not want to include in your WSDL call the ignoreMethod() method providing
	and the class name and the method name in an array like array("class"=>"method").
	To explode multiple classes call ignoreMethod() providing an array like array("class"=>"method", "class2"=>"method2")

	If you want to ignore one or more types of methods the you can use:
		- ignorePublic() - ignore public functions
		- ignoreProtected() - ignore protected methods
		- ignorePrivate() - ignore private methods
		- ignoreStatic() - ignore static methods
	!!!!! WARNING !!!!!
	By default protected and private methods are ignored 
	!!!!! WARNING !!!!!
3.4 - Seting URLs
	It is best to have your code documented so the script will know the types of the parameters of a method, if a methods
	returns a value and the type of that value, etc.

	You need to provide an URL to all the classes defined. To do this call addURLToClass() providing the name of the class
	and the URL like addURLToClass("class1", "http://protung.ro")
	If you do not want to individual provide an URL call the setClassesGeneralURL() method. This will set an URL for all
	the classes that do not have an URL manually set.
	You do not do this a fatal error will be raised and you can not generate the WSDL.
	The same rule applies to parameters of a method. If for example, a parameter of a class method is another class
	(and you describe it in a comment), and that class (parameter type) is not defined in all the files you include,
	then you need to provide an URL for that class. You do not do this a fatal error will be raised and you can not 
	generate the WSDL. To to this just call addURLToTypens() providing the type of the variable (class name) and URL
	as a parameter like addURLToTypens("XMLCreator", "http://protung.ro")

3.5 - Get the result
	In the end to create the WSDL just call the createWSDL() method and then by using:
		getWSDL() - will return the WSDL as a string so you can save it in a variable
		printWSDL() - will print the WSDL (use it when there is no other output)
		saveWSDL() - will save the WSDL to a file you specify
				   - if the file exists and overwrite is false then the WSDL will be downloaded
		downloadWSDL() - will force you to download the WSDL


3. Contact

Please send your suggestions, bug reports and general feedback to hide@address.com
Also visit http://www.protung.ro

Out for now ;)
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