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step 1)
 decompress the .tar.gz file
step 2)
 one folder named "vt" should be created.

step 3)
 move this "vt" folder to your webroot directory
 webroot directory resides in-
   for linux users- 
       "/opt/htdocs"  (if "xampp" is running)
       "/var/www" (if you use "lighttpd" or other http server)
   for windows users-
       "c:/xampp/htdocs" or "driveletter:/xampp/htdocs" (for "xampp")
       some directory (your http server application decides)

step 4)
 start your http server
 open firefox/opera/chrome/ie7/ie8 browser

step 5)
 open the url window or press ALT+D,
 write "http://localhost/vt/example1-vt.php"                    (for linux) or
 write "http:\\localhost\vt\example1-vt.php"                    (for windows)

step 7)
 press ENTER and enjoy..
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