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# Change log for php_users
# $Id: CHANGE_LOG.txt,v 2003/06/03 14:12:24 byrnereese Exp $

* 1.0-b1 - May 29, 2003
  Yowzers, it has been a while since the last update. Other majordojo tools
  have been growing in popularity and have called for more functionality
  out of php_users and for improvements I have been meaning to make for
  some time.
  The movement from alpha to beta will mark the final improvements for the
  first full version of php_users. This release includes the following
  major improvements:
  - began making php_users PEAR compliant
    o added headers to all source files
    o started replacing '<?=' with '<?php echo'
  - made compatible with PHP version 4.3.x, primarily removing its
    dependence on register_globals being turned on - this makes
    php_users far more secure
  - Added finer grained permissions; permissions now are broken down into
    domains. Each domain can define its own permissions, and then use
    simple function calls to resolve whether the current user has been
    granted a specific permission or not (see documentation)
  - changed a lot of variable names and made lots of changes that make
    this version fundamentally incompatible with all other versions of
  - updated documentation
  - created an 'include' directory to improve file organization
  - started to maintain a TODO.txt file

* 0.9a7 - August 11, 2002
  - fixed minor bugs affected background color of menu bars
  - fixed bug in schema/mysql
  - modified add_crumb function to take link argument optionally

* 0.9a6 - July 29, 2002
  - added the notion of a security level providing variable levels of
    access control to users
  - minor bug fixes 

* 0.9a5 - June 11, 2002
  - reworked user listing page (sortable listings)
  - added ability to "reconfirm" an unconfirmed account
  - minor bug fixes 

* 0.9a4 - May 24, 2002
  - Made compatible with PHP 4.2.1
* 0.9a3 - May 24, 2002
  - Minor bug fixes

* 0.9a3 - May 23, 2002
  - Add support for encrypted cookies
  - Fixed broken links
  - Added support of a security level which allows 9999 different user
    types as opposed to just 'normal' and 'admin'
  - Updated INSTALL.txt and README.txt with more accurate instructions
  - numerous bug fixes
  - elminated obsolete fields from schemas/mysql

* 0.9a2 - May 15, 2002
  Most changes in this release come after making this work much more
  seamlessly with PMI 1.0 beta 1 (http://majordojo.com/pmi/)
  - minor bug fixes
  - made pieces more componentized for better integration with PMI

* 0.9a - March 28, 2002
This is the initial release of the PHP user management system.

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