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//Error messages
$errarg = '';
901 =>"$errarg not currently available",
902 =>"Warning of $errarg not currently available",
903 =>'A message has been dropped, you are exceeding
      the server speed limit',
911 =>'Error validating input',
912 =>'Invalid account',
913 =>'Error encountered while processing request',
914 =>'Service unavailable',
950 =>"Chat in $errarg is unavailable.",
960 =>"You are sending message too fast to $errarg",
961 =>"You missed an im from $errarg because it was too big.",
962 =>"You missed an im from $errarg because it was sent too fast.",
970 =>'Failure',
971 =>'Too many matches',
972 =>'Need more qualifiers',
973 =>'Dir service temporarily unavailable',
974 =>'Email lookup restricted',
975 =>'Keyword Ignored',
976 =>'No Keywords',
977 =>'Language not supported',
978 =>'Country not supported',
979 =>"Failure unknown $errarg",
980 =>'Incorrect nickname or password.',
981 =>'The service is temporarily unavailable.',
982 =>'Your warning level is currently too high to sign on.',
983 =>'You have been connecting and
   	   disconnecting too frequently.  Wait 10 minutes and try again.
	   If you continue to try, you will need to wait even longer.',
989 =>"An unknown signon error has occurred $errarg"

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