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One of the known problems in PHP is that it does not support the Multi-Threading, which suit many people to try to add this characteristic 
one way or the another, and there are many attempts and the following is my personal attempt  and waiting for your responses and suggestions : -

My idea here is the use of Sockets  for the activation of Threads, (which are only PHP Scripts) and give them input 

And to implement that i used php sockets to connect to server and launch Multiple threads at a time :

And here was the beginning of the implementation and split into easy steps :

The project has the following files :-

Caller.php          : abstract class for calling Threads methods Ajax & Sockets are available

Soc_Threader.php    : PHP class that is covering talking to threads through sockets

Com.php             : contains ComBasic class ehich An abstract classes containig base communication methods that must be implemented by any class applying 
                      the communication between Threads

FileCom.php         : A class that inherits ComBasic class and uses text files for communication

MyCom.php           : A class that inherits ionComBasic class and uses MySql Heap Engine/Table for communication between threads allowing very fast 
                      Communication between threads     

The general concept is creating  a process object that contains all the threads that must communicate then call these threads through Ajax

The benefites of this method are :-
1. Building really interactive interfaces?
2. making full usage of your connection (download managers/multiple RSS readers)
3. making real usage of the server processor
4. benefiting real threading abilities in Apache 2/IIS 

And I eagerly await your opinion and Questions or Buggs at: hide@address.com (4r's don't forget)

Notes : -

     * The project is still in beta and expected a lot of mistakes .
     * this code will work with almost all browsers
     * the example with Classes is a simple example to make two downloads in parallel with a percentage which has been downloaded  
       (example can be implemented in other ways, and here, for clarification only) and must be read and modified to work with you (change links),
        most probably will in the www wamp directory with the activation of Curl.     
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