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how to use this classes:

1. download all the files, classifier.php until all utilities and *.srl file
2. replace all the file in one folder. example in folder 'PHPclassifier'
3. create a new folder in folder 'PHPclassifer'. name that folder with 'cat'

in folder 'cat', you add 2 or more folder that are named with your 'category name'.

example, i have two category, spam and notspam, so i make 2 new folder in folder
'cat', first folder name 'spam' and the second folder name 'notspam'. 

in folder 'spam', i have *.txt file(name is free, blabla.txt), this txt file contain
the text that we classify spam before. this text will be used by the trainer.

same with the second folder 'notspam'.


for more detail, please download http://students.itb.ac.id/~alfan_fw/PHPTextClassifier.zip

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