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PHP Profuscator, ver. 1.2

Copyright 2007-2010, Wayontec Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

You may not alter or decode the provided script(s) without express authorization from the author.
Free to use and distribute without limitations in original format.


1.2 [Apr 08, 2009] 	Changed file_get_contents parameters to 2 to make it compatible with older PHP versions.
					Changed the 3rd encryption method to make it dependent on a lock file created in the original folder. Makes it more reliable and less confusing.

1.1 [Feb 23, 2009] 	Added checksum validation to encrypted files to prevent execution if corruptions occured from bad file transfers.
					Fixed a missing bracket bug causing a pretty nasty series of errors when running the encrypted scripts.

1.0 [Feb 21, 2009] 	Initial Release
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