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 * Class PrintSend - Abstract printing class.
 * Models the actual sending of data to the printer.
 * Author: Mick Sear
 * eCreate, Aug 2005
abstract class PrintSend{

    protected $data;    
    protected $debug;

    abstract protected function printJob($queue);
    abstract protected function interpret();
    public function __construct() {}

    public function setData($data){ 
        //This can be a filename or some ASCII.  A file check should be made in derived classes.
        $this->data = $data;
        $this->debug .= "Data set\n";
    //Future functionality (?) Could create filters with this for different languages like PCL or ESC/P
    public static function printerFactory($type){ 
        //Return a new instance of a printer driver of type $type.
        if (include_once 'Drivers/' . $type . '.php') {
            return new $type;
        } else {
            throw new Exception ('Driver not found: $type');

    public function getDebug(){
	return $this->debug;


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