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<title>Multiple Upload</title>
	<!-- Include the javascript -->
	<script src="multifile_compressed.js"></script>


function upload_notice_notice_visible()
document.getElementById( 'the_form' ).style.visibility = 'hidden';
document.getElementById( 'upload_notice' ).style.visibility = 'visible';



<span id="upload_notice" style="visibility: hidden">
Uploading the files in File List, &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Please Wait.
//var dir=unescape(window.location.search.substr(window.location.search.indexOf("?")+1));

// document.write("location.pathname = " + location.pathname + "<br><br>");  
//gallery_path = location.pathname.substring(0,location.pathname.lastIndexOf("multi_upload/multi_upload.html"));
 //document.write("location.pathname = " + gallery_path + "<br><br>");  
document.write("Up-Load to folder = <b>" + unescape(window.location.search.substr(window.location.search.indexOf("?")+1)) + "</b><br><br>");


<div id="the_form" style="visibility: visible"> 
Only select files with <b>.jpg</b>  or  <b>.gif</b>  as the extension, case-sensitive.<br>
Use the browse button to locate a file on your computer. &nbsp;&nbsp;Qty. 10 files maximum.<br>

<!-- This is the form -->
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="multi_file_upload.php" method = "post" onSubmit="return upload_notice_notice_visible()">

<input id="gallery_path" type="hidden" name="gallery_path" value="">
<input id="path" type="hidden" name="path" value="">
	<!-- The file element -- NOTE: it has an ID -->
	<input id="my_file_element" type="file" name="file_1" >
	<input type="submit" value="Up-Load">

<b>File List:</b>
<!-- This is where the output will appear -->
<div id="files_list"></div>
	<!-- Create an instance of the multiSelector class, pass it the output target and the max number of files -->
	var multi_selector = new MultiSelector( document.getElementById( 'files_list' ), 10 );
	<!-- Pass in the file element -->
	multi_selector.addElement( document.getElementById( 'my_file_element' ) );


document.getElementById( 'path' ).value = unescape(window.location.search.substr(window.location.search.indexOf("?")+1));
document.getElementById( 'gallery_path' ).value = location.pathname.substring(0,location.pathname.lastIndexOf("multi_upload/multi_upload.html"));

<br><br><br><br><form> <input type="button" value="Back to Gallery" onClick="history.go(-1)"></form>

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