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<title>Custom Folder Icon Instructions</title>


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<br><b>Custom Folder Icon Instructions</b><br>
<B>An Overview:</B><BR><BR>
This document is not intended to be step by step instructions on how to create custom folder icons.<br>  
It is only intended to be informative.<br><br>

Your computer and the graphic tools that you have would dictate the steps by step<br>
instruction.  We have no way to know what you have.<br><br>

The basic idea is to create a small image (92X92 pixels) using the tools you have on your <br>
computer and then up-load it to the page.  Do not just resize a large picture, It will not<br>
look good.  Crop or cut out a piece of a picture. Save it, rename it as instructed below then<br>
up-load it to the gallery.<br><br>

<BR><B>About the gallery:</B><BR><BR>
The album page has two display areas or sections: the display of the pictures <BR>
of folders, which when clicked, opens another folder and the display of thumbnail<BR>
images, which when clicked,, opens the image to full size.<BR><BR>

In the opening folder, if you display only images, you have only one page in <BR>
your album.  If you display only folders, or both folders and images, then you <BR>
have multiple pages in your album.<BR><BR>

The standard folder image is a .gif image of a file folder.  There are two <BR>
sizes of folders available; the big folder image is 92 X 92 pixels and the small <BR>
folder is 46X46 pixels.<BR><BR>

It is possible to customize the folder images.  For instance, You might want a <BR>
flower which reflects the content of the  folder of flower images, instead of <BR>
a picture of just the file folder.<BR><BR><BR>

The custom folder image icon  must be a .jpg type image file.  It's name should<BR>
only be 31 characters or less in length because, the older Mac operating systems<BR>
have this limit.   Also if it is too long it will not fit neatly on the page.<BR> 
Please note:  This program will automatically display the capitalized first letter<BR> 
of the image name or folder title and every letter preceded by a space.( Similar<BR>
to a book title)<BR><BR>

The custom folder icon image must have the same file name as the folder it <BR>
represents, and must have the text "-hide" in the file name just before the <BR>
text ".jpg".  Example: The folder named "My good stuff" uses an image named <BR>
"<b>my good stuff-hide.jpg</b>".  The "-hide" text is needed to handle the custom <BR>
folder icon image differently than a normal image. <br><br>

The recommended size for the custom folder icon image is about 92 x 92 pixels.<BR>
However, they can be as large as the thumb nail images (their size is set in the<BR>
configuration window) or as small as the small folder icon image.<BR> 
The size of the image is critical. It will be displayed  as you constructed it.<BR>
It will not be compressed or resized.<BR><BR> 

Custom folder icon images must be in the folder that contains the folder which<BR>
the icon will represent. This is very hard to explain in words. For a visual,
<a href="./folder_icons_visual.htm" target="_blank"><font color="blue"> click here.</font></a>
Here are some example graphics to get you started.<br>
They will open a new browser window.  Then you can save then to your computer.<br>
Try right-click on windows.<br><br>

<a href="./sample_graphics/folder.jpg" target="_blank">folder sample 1</a><br>
<a href="./sample_graphics/frame_icon.jpg" target="_blank">folder sample 2</a><br>
<a href="./sample_graphics/sample_folder_icon.jpg" target="_blank">folder sample 3</a><br>

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