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// config file for PhotoAlbum.php
$album_title="TinCan Web Design Photo Album"; //The name of this album Browser page name
$home_link="Home"; //The home link
$return_url="href=\"PhotoAlbum.php\""; // return url for home page link
$display_admin="1"; // Display the admin login form? If you select no, you will not be able to login! You will have to upload etc manually. 1=yes,0=no. 
$window_banner="0"; // windo name text  no =0 anything else = yes 
$wheight="0"; // height in pixels adds space above and below text  defaults to text size 
$wfont_family="cursive"; // font face cursive,sans-serif,serif,fantasy,roman,arial,helvetica,couries,platino,times default arial 
$wfont_size="40"; // size in pixels suggested min 12 
$wfont_weight="bold"; // weight  normal | bold | bolder | lighter  default normal 
$wfont_color="#0000FF"; // color see chart be sure to use a # 
$wntext="Full Feature Photo Album"; // the text no real limit in length will wrap based on page width 
$whr="0"; // adds a horzonial line under test 0=no  anything else =yes 
$login_panel_visible="1";  //1  make login panel visible 
$login_word_visible ="0"; // 1 make login word visible 
$open_folder="./phopen.gif"; //The open folder image 
$close_folder="./phclose.gif"; //The closed folder image 
$big_folder="./phfolder.gif"; //The big folder image 
$small_folder="./phfolder_small.gif"; //The small folder image 
$the_folder="custom"; // big = $big_folder  small = $small_folder  default == $big_folder 
$script_url="./PhotoAlbum.php"; //path to program 
$cp_script_url="./cp.php"; //path to program 
$files_path="./album/"; // Where does the album start? Anything under the directory the script will read. With Trailing slash 
$full_server="./album/"; //Enter the full server path to where the albums start. //With Trailing Slash 
$show_files=array("jpg","gif"); //The array, only show these types of files. 
$ignore_word="-hide"; //Hide files with this string in the name. Example, mypicture-hide.jpg will not be shown. 
$table_cells="4"; //How many images/folders in each row do you want? // Looks best with 3 
$thumb_width="200"; //Width of the thumb 
$thumb_height="200"; // Height of the thumb 
$thumb_pro="1"; // Turn thumnail proportion on or off 1 or 0
$quality="100"; // from 0 (worst quality, smaller file) to 100 (best quality, biggest file) 
$watermark="0"; // 1 adds watermark 
$auto_thumb="1"; //Automatically create thumbs of gif and jpg images? 1=yes, 0=no. REQUIRES GD LIBRARY 
$desc_des="1"; // turns Description display and input filed on or off 1 or 0 
$price_des="0"; // turns price display and input filed on or off 1 or 0 
$image_text="0"; // turns image name display and input filed on or off 1 or 0 
$image_resize="0"; // turns image resize on or off 1 or 0
$set_width="800"; // Sets resize width
$set_height="600"; // Sets resize height
$supress_error="0"; //Suppress errors if thumb creation fails.  1=hide errors, 0=show errors. 
$text_color="#444444"; // The text color. 
$text_size="11"; // The text size. 
$text_face="cursive"; //The text face. Arial, Verdana etc.
$bgcolor="#FFFFFF"; // Page background color.
$drop_shadow="0"; //Use the cool css drop shadow around the images? 1=yes, 0=no. 
$shadow_strength="5"; //How much do you want the shadow to show? Increase this value for more. 
$shadow_direction="140"; //1 to 360. Changes where the light is coming from. 
$shadow_color="#AFAFAF"; //The shadow color. 
$page_width="800"; //page width in pix 
$image_border="1"; //Do you want a border around the images? 1-10, number of pixels. 
$border_color="#000000"; // What color do you want the image border to be? 
$border_style="solid"; // choices are  none | hidden | dotted | dashed | solid | double | groove | ridge | inset | outset 
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