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How to install.


1) Create a MySql database for the script to use.

2) Unzip files to your hard drive.

3) Open inc/config.php and change the variables to your information.

4) Create a directory on your hosting server and upload all the files to that directory on your hosting server.

5) Go to http://YOUR DOMAIN/directory name/install.php (replace "YOUR DOMAIN" with your domain name) and follow the instructions for the install.

6) After the install, DELETE the install.php file off your hosting server. This is a security risk to a Online Invoice System in production.

7) If for some reason the install does not create the tables there is a SQL file you can use in the INC directory.

NOTE: You must have register_globals turned on in your hosting server's php.ini file.
	Or keep the .htaccess supplied in the zip within the root of the PHP Online Invoice System folder.

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