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//			0.11b				17th December 09		Created							Initial Development.								////

This package is a good tool for Obfuscating[cutting short and encode] your PHP scripts completely.

1. index.html			HTML FILE			simple example how to run Obfuscation Class.
2. encoder.class.inc	PHP Class File		The core code in OOPS Class. Coded in PHP
3. backend.php			PHP FILE			PHP Backend for index.html, to manage the file.

This package having an option for uploading a PHP file, and it will work with the content according to the mode, and outputs the file after desired operation is done.

It is using base64 function and deflate compression functions for obfuscation. This package has three functioning modes.

1. uncomment, when we set the mode as uncomment, it will read the complete file and remove all kinds of PHP comments in it and output the script without any comment.

2. obfnorm, This is the basic obfuscation form. It removes the comments and obfuscating the script using base64 encoding mechanism.

3. obfhard, This is bit complex obfuscation system. It removes the comments first and went through base64 encoding and deflate compression mechanism before giving the result as PHP script file.


Obfuscated code is not human readable but it can read by the PHP interpreter without any additional info. This function can also used for encoding, but a brilliant coder can somehow able to know what are the original code.


It only accepts pure php codes, if your PHP script embed with html tags please do not try to obfuscate. It will not give a workable solution.

 If you got stuck, or want to ask some doubts feel free to send an email to me: thecoderin at gmail dot com


Anish Karim C.

(c) Designed and Developed By: Anish karim C.
Free for Use and Edit. But do remember me.

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