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    $this->languageStrings = array(
        "strLang_affectedRows"                      => "affected rows",
        "strLang_calledBy"                          => "called by",
        "strLang_couldNotConnectToDatabase"         => "could not connect to database",
        "strLang_couldNotExecuteQuery"              => "could not execute query",
        "strLang_couldNotSelectDatabase"            => "could not select database",
        "strLang_erroneousQueryEMailSubject"        => "Slow query on %s!",
        "strLang_erroneousQueryEMailContent"        => "The following query exceeded normal running time of %s seconds by running %s seconds: \n\n %s",
        "strLang_executionTime"                     => "execution time",
        "strLang_file"                              => "file",
        "strLang_fileCouldNotBeOpened"              => "file could not be opened",
        "strLang_globals"                           => "globals",
        "strLang_invalidParameter"                  => "second parameter needs to be an array",
        "strLang_line"                              => "line",
        "strLang_message"                           => "message",
        "strLang_messages"                          => "messages",
        "strLang_method"                            => "method",
        "strLang_mySQLErrorMessage"                 => "mySQL error message",
        "strLang_notAValidResource"                 => "not a valid resource",
        "strLang_notConnectedToDatabase"            => "not connected to database",
        "strLang_notSpecified"                      => "not specified",
        "strLang_optimizationNeeded"                => "warning: this exact query is run %s times!",
        "strLang_parameters"                        => "parameters",
        "strLang_returnedRows"                      => "returned rows",
        "strLang_query"                             => "query",
        "strLang_seconds"                           => "seconds",
        "strLang_successfulQueries"                 => "successful queries",
        "strLang_totalQueries"                      => "total queries",
        "strLang_unsuccessfulQueries"               => "unsuccessful queries",
        "strLang_watch"                             => "watch",
        "strLang_warningReplacementsNotArray"       => "\$replacements must be an arrays of values",
        "strLang_warningReplacementsWrongNumber"    => "the number of items in \$replacements is different than the number of items to replace in \$condition"
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