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    // before running this example make sure you import the "example.sql" file
    // from the "examples" folder, into your mySQL!

    // include the class
    require "../class.database.php";
    // create a new database object
    $db = new database();
    // show debugging info
    // remember: if you not set this to TRUE,
    // the show_debug_info() method will show nothing
    $db->debug = true;
    // make the connection
    // set the maximum time limit (in seconds) after which a query is considered to be running for too long
    $db->maxQueryTime = 10;
    // the address where to send notifications if a query has run for more than the above specified time limit
    $db->maxQueryTimeExceeded_notificationAddress = "hide@address.com";
    // run a simple query
    $result = $db->query("
        SELECT *
        LIMIT 1,2
    ,"" , __FILE__, __LINE__);
    print_r("<br /><br />");
    // this will print the number of the records in the table ignoring the LIMIT

    // print the current value of $foundRows in the watch
    $db->watch($db->foundRows, "foundRows");

    // run a simple query
    // note that "?" will be automatically replaced with the corresponding escaped value from the
    // array
    $result = $db->query("
        SELECT *
            age > ?
    array(25), __FILE__, __LINE__);
    // print the resulting names
    while ($row = $db->fetch_assoc($result)) {
        print_r("<br /><br />");
    print_r("<br /><br />");
    // make a specific lookup
    // this will print "1" as the id of the record is 1
    print_r($db->dlookup("id", "test", "name = 'Darth Vader'", __FILE__, __LINE__));
    print_r("<br /><br />");
    // get the maximum age in the table
    // this will print "50"
    // (remember to check the manual for other methods like dsum and dcount)
    print_r($db->dmax("age", "test", "", __FILE__, __LINE__));

    // do a wrong query
    $result = $db->query("
        SELECT * FROM nonexistingtable
    , "", __FILE__, __LINE__);
    // show debug info

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