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Summary of this readme file:
 1. Introduction                                                     
 2. Disclaimer                                                       
 3. How to install                                                   
     1. Introduction:                                                    

     This script can be downloaded from http://www.siteexpert.net
     2. Disclaimer:                                                      
     Use of this script is TOTTALY at your own risk.                                                                                                                                  

     3. How to install: ( use file example.php as a guide. )                                                 
     1. Unzip the distribution file to a directory on your local hard drive.              

     2. Modify the file `example.php` and `scripts\style.css` to suit your site, or create a new file using `example.php` as a guide

     3. Using your FTP client upload all files to a directory on your web server ensuring that the directory structure remains intact.

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