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<h1>PHP Form to Mail (Light) Documentation</h1>

<h2>Setup, Automated</h2>

<p>After uploading all the files in the <i>www</i> folder
to your website, you can complete the setup process by
directing your browser to the <b>fm_setup.php</b> file.</p>

<p>Once setup is completed, you can remove the
<b>fm_config.php</b> and <b>fm_setup.php</b> files from
your server.</p>

<h3>Setup fields / required information</h3>
	<li><b>Your email address</b> (<i>$config['to']</i>)
		<p>The email address to which all letters posted via
		the form will be sent.  If the email address does not
		exist or is incorrect, visitor comments will not be
	<li><b>Mail Subject</b> (<i>$config['subject']</i>)
		<p>All comments sent to your email address via the form
		will be sent with this subject;  the subject may contain
		the keywords <i>_DATE_</i> and <i>_TIME_</i> which will
		be replaced with the date (in the form <i>dd/mm/yy</i>)
		and the time (in the form <i>hh:mm:ss[am/pm]</i>)
	<li><b>From address</b> (<i>$config['from']</i>)
		<p>The email address from which letters sent via the
		form will appear to have come from; this email address
		is set to a single address as apposed to using the email
		address the visitors provide to stop the mail getting
		occasionaly lost to any spam filter your mailbox may have.
	<li><b>Site name</b> (<i>$config['site']</i>)
		<p>The name by which you can identify the specific
		website you have installed this form on;  this can help
		you if you have the contact form installed on multiple
		websites or sub domains, as you can immediately identify
		where the visitors comments have origionated from.</p></li>

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