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<h1>PHP Form to Mail (Light) Documentation</h1>

<h2>List of files and their uses</h2>

<p>Below is a list of files that are needed for this
script to function, and what each one does.</p>

	<li>Files found in the '<i>www</i>' folder:
				<p>This file is the pre-configured form
				of formmail.php, and is used as a template
				by fm_setup.php during automated setup.</p></li>
				<p>This file is used during the automated
				setup to generate a custom formmail.php file
				for your server.</p></li>
				<p>You can point your visitors to this file
				to allow them to contact you.  This displays
				the "feedback" form for your visitors.</p></li>
				<p>By default, this is the page to which your
				visitors are sent after submitting a message
				to you via formmail_form.php.</p></li>
	<li>Files found in the '<i>manual</i>' folder:
				<p>An unconfigured formmail.php file.  Please
				refer to the documentation on <a href="manual.htm">
				manual installation</a> for more details.</p></li>

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