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                  PHP File Renamer

 What is it?

 Please backup your files before using this script.

 PHP File Renamer is FREE PHP script that allows you to easily rename many files. I wrote this  script because I once had a problem when I needed to add prefix and lowercase many PHP files. When  you run the script, the script traverses the directory specified and subdirectories(optional)  searching for files and renaming them.

 It's advanced file renamer, for example you can:
 # Uppercase/lowercase your filenames
 # Add prefix, postfix to filenames
 # Replace words in filename
 # Rename all files ending with some prefix (e.g .php)
 # Rename files that have some word in their filename
 More info:
 See  http://phpweby.com/software/filerenamer . 

 The Latest Version

 Latest version can be found at http://phpweby.com.
 For help, comments, feedback, discussion ... please join our
 Webmaster forums - http://forums.phpweby.com
 Visit http://phpweby.com for the latest PHP tutorials.


 PHP File Renamer is licensed under GNU GPL license.
 See the file LICENSE.txt file or go to http://phpweby.com/license .
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